Evil Avatar's Shotgun Episode 102: Rico Suave

This week we’re back in full form with all three hosts! Modeps, Pwnophobia and Kragg are settling back into the year with some proper game news and releases. Pwn gives us an update on WoW: Cataclysm and we launch into a long diatribe about MMO’s, then all the talk about the grind gives way to Kragg’s obsessive trophy hunting and a conversation about Little Big Planet 2 and it’s predecessor. We chat about new features, and some of the cool levels our own community here on EvAv are creating. Then there is talk about Dead Space in all its forms, good, bad, and motion controller compatible. Finally Kragg explains why the best part of CODBLOPS is Smash TV. All this, your listener emails, and a rant about Mortal Kombat, on this weeks Shotgun!

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