Dead Space 2: First 16 Minutes Gameplay

NowGamer play through the epic first 16 minutes of Dead Space 2. Warning: there will be spoilers...

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UNCyrus3730d ago

Why do I want to see this? Totally defeats the purpose of buying the game...

karl3730d ago

im out of money and wont be getting this game for at least another month..

it totally sucks.. i hate it soo much...

all thats left for me is to watch this video... i just cant wait xD

aaronobst3730d ago

Aint that the truth?

If I wanted to experience the game before release then I'd download the demo...

MGRogue20173730d ago

I ain't completed the first one... No point buying this one then..

Kon3730d ago

Someone dies in the end

rajman3730d ago

Im doing the whole playthrough for the game if anyone wants to watch (Warnring: Obvious spoilers & quite scary xD)

lovestospoodge3730d ago

Your comment is boring as fuck

PR_FROM_OHIO3730d ago

I played a little of it this morning and im loving this game so far i can't wait to get off from work so i can play 2nite in the dark with my surround sound!!!