Top 10 Puzzle Games That Will Make You Want To Pull Your Hair Out

GB: "It seems that no genre can cause quite as much frustration for the average gamer as the puzzle genre. With a game of skill you can just walk away, but when you know that there is a logical solution to a puzzle you feel absolutely worthless if you can't derive the answer, regardless of how difficult it may be."

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halocursed3730d ago

HEXIX HD made me tear my hair out from all the wrong places. :(

gameseveryday3730d ago

Weh I get stuck for a frustrating period of time, I cheat! Well, the story doen't end if I can't figure it out, now does it?

crystalnova20043730d ago

Achivements are the most annoying thing about the modern puzzle game. It's a miracle I was able to carry on living after the beating that Hexic HD gave me.

cyborg3730d ago

I make it a point to stay far far away from them.