Udon To Publish 400-Page Valkyria Chronicles Design Archive

Siliconera: There exists a 400-page behind-the-scenes design book on Valkyria Chronicles (the first game).

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GodsHand3353d ago

For thirty bucks on amazon, I might just pick this up. I loved the design of this game, and was a decent game itself. To bad the other two games are only on the psp, else I would have bought them up on the PS3.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3353d ago

Definitely. Lots of good games going to psp. I had to actually pick one up just to play VC2, KHBBS, and MGSPW. And until VC3 comes out I really have no other use for it. In fact I'm trading it in as soon as psp2 is close to release.

iamthebozz3353d ago

The thing is Udon has yet to confirm a release date. Back in October I e-mailed them to ask and they had said they were going to have an announcement in a few weeks... now months later and still no confirmation... :(

evildeli3352d ago

Loved the first game, haven't played the psp one yet. Love the art in the series.

UltimateIdiot9113352d ago

Preordered this since last year around July/August.