XCM F1 converter allows for G25/G27 use on Xbox 360

For those who dreamt about using a Logitech steering wheel on an Xbox 360 now have the chance to do so. The XCM F1 converter allows Logitech steering wheel owners the chance to play Xbox 360 racing games with their unit. They also published a small test video showing the G25 and G27 in action.

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RonyDean3735d ago

Finally I will soon be able to use a real wheel to play Forza!!

IllusionRSN3734d ago

This is good news indeed!

mindedone3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )


Gran Touring3734d ago

just what the doctor ordered. Too bad I already got a fanatec for 360 racers :(

helrazor3433734d ago

Doesn't look like it works very well through that, but idk, if that adapter isn't expensive I may eventually try it out. Be nice to have one wheel for all my games regardless of what system, and not about to get rid of my G25.

Speed-Racer3734d ago

I hope they improve it. There is much deadzone still :/ but im sure it will be fixed soon. Most X360 wheels suck other than those expensive Fanatec models.

iamgoatman3734d ago

If this works as intended and there isn't any side effects like hideous amounts of lag, then oh hell yes!