What You'll Really Pay for the PS3

You want it. We want it. But we're all gonna pay for it, and much, much more than you might think. Here's a full guide to what you're likely to pay this fall for Sony's dream machine.

Surprises suck. When Sony announced the price of its PlayStation 3 -- $499 and $599 for a low-end and high-end model, respectively -- the world gasped.

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big_tim5377d ago

Of course you will have to buy games and accessories. Of course there is sales tax. Who the heck wrote this? Did they think they were a genius? This applies no matter what machine you buy. Why point at the PS3. When I bought my 360, tax was a lot.

Marriot VP5377d ago

no it's not big news it's just a way for people to see how much their gonna actually pay. Although people who buy the PS3 at launch aren't going to care about price it's still a good heads up. Anybody could figure this out, obviously.

andy capps5377d ago

True, not big news. Reading this though made me realize why MS and Sony push bundle packages so much at launch. I had thought about it before, but it really clicked that the reason is so that they can push their software attach rates. MS has been doing this consistently now. If anyone remembers the 360 launch, the packages were huge and were usually the worst games. I'm sure it'll be the same for the PS3 as well. Oh the joys of being an early adopter, I sure hope I can find a PS3 by itself so I'm not stuck with Madden, Tiger Woods Golf, etc...

specialguest5377d ago (Edited 5377d ago )

it's a realistic estimate for those who can't figure it out themselves.(those who forgot how to do simple however, i does sound kinda like a "legal" cheapshot. hahahah.

the PS3 is an expensive console and i hope people know what they're in for in terms of spending money before they buy.

TheMART5377d ago

Game prices will be higher then stated 1 game: $59.99*

Sony already said they expect it to be 79, 89 up to maybe 100 dollars... So I guess it'll get really expensive, especially if you like to buy multiple games...

DJ5377d ago

Do you have any proof that PS3 titles are going to be above 59.99? (i'll just save you the effort and tell you there isn't any). Kaz Hirai stated in the PSM August 06 issue that the games will be higher than what we had in the PS2 era, but not to expect anything extravagent in the 80~100 dollar range.

TheMART5377d ago

Actually he said it could be up to 99 dollars but he didn't expect that on the highest. He didn't expect it to be close at 60 dollars, he said on the other side.

So I guess he is talking about something between 70 and 90 Euro/dollar a game. That's a freaking lot still if you buy multiple ones and get the same on another system between 50 and 60 dollars/euro's

achira5377d ago (Edited 5377d ago )

the Mart such ppl like you are called morons. did you really think a game will cost 70$ ??? man, than you are totally moronic. the games will not cost more than 59$, you know this you ignorant b!tch.

tatical5377d ago

achira, most 360 games are on $60 DVDs. Blu-Ray disc are more expensive than DVDs. You think it’s moronic to expect a Blu-Ray game to cost the same as a DVD game...? GET REAL! A 50-pack spindle of DVD-R cost about $20, a SINGLE BD-R cost about $20 (that was just to show you that there is a price difference, I'm not trying to say that it cost Sony $20 to make each disc).

The bottom line is if you can afford a $600 console, then you can afford $70-$80 games.

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bernie5377d ago

You assume a lot, we don't want it, it's too expensive, it's just a games machine.
It's not worth it and in a years time the launch hardware problems will be fixed and it will be cheaper.
If it still isn't cheaper in a year I'll wait two years and so on, in the mean time there's planty of great alternatives. :)

Jay da 2KBalla5377d ago

yea 360 and wii are looking better and better everyday.

achira5377d ago

who care what you think and what you dont want to buy ? do i say i dont want a ipod ? does it care you ? no, and ppl are not interested in your foolish fanboys sh!t.

Monchichi0255377d ago

Yeah, I'm gonna buy a PlayStation again!! LOL Wow, and these packages don't even include the BluRay $40 BluRay movies people will have to purchase to take advantage of there now Beta-Ray player.
Sorry sony but this former Sony fan will be "Jumping In" tonight when I go purchase my 360 to play some Madden 07. You're not making a sucker out of me.
Oh any question, has anybody ever heard of a X-box person switching over to Sony camp. No; me neither! And that is why I'm guessing the 360 will dominate this generation.

achira5377d ago

BlueRay films cost 25$. if you buy films for 40$ you are a moron.

starbug one5377d ago

I had a freind who made the switch. He bought one b/c he's a anime freak. I thought he was crazy, but he did it anyway. Two months later after playing DOA on PS2 and Rainbow 6, he switched back to xbox. Rainbow 6 on PS2 was a total joke. The gun sights were like looking through a stop sign. I can't believe they got GTA SA to run on that machine. (well the draw distance was about ten feet)

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