Getting Crysis 2? Here’s Some Gaming Rigs That Will Play The Game Flawlessly

When Crytek announced that a sequel of the wildly popular Crysis game was in the works, gamers immediately wondered if there rig would be able to stand up to brutality that is Crysis. Of course, the console boys and gals don’t have to worry about spec requirements, but for the PC crowd we got your back. If your system’s lacking the horsepower, below are a few gaming hogs that will run Crysis without a hitch.

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Pandamobile3739d ago

Who the hell would buy one of these?

Save yourself $2000 and build it yourself.

Passthemic3739d ago

People that cant build it themselves.

SnakeMustDie3739d ago

There is a reason why manuals are packed with the hardware. Although you point is somehow valid, it is more wise to build a rig yourself.

Passthemic3739d ago

@snakeMustDie I completely agree.

NYC_Gamer3739d ago

anyone with common sense can build a rig

joydestroy3739d ago

it's very easy to build yourself. the rig i have listed below was my first time building one and i had absolutely no help. i just read a lot to make sure everything i was purchasing was compatible. i had to be really careful in that area because i bought some parts months between each other. but yah, if you know how to read you can build one

WhiteNoise3739d ago


wtf...the motherboard manuals and respective component manuals tell you how to install the hardware and configure the software frm start to finish. The only thing needed to build your own PC is basic literacy and basic motor function control.

If you can't build a PC you have not even tried, or are an infant.

I built my first PC in 2007, no 'online guides' needed, no help, just bought the parts, and put them together. If you can build lego, you can build a PC. There are only 10 main components and a few screws and cables ffs.

Passthemic3738d ago

@WhiteNoise While I agree with you, regular Joe couldn't put together a Lego set let alone a gaming PC.

BattleAxe3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Just buy a PS3 Rig to play Crysis 2. That first Rigin PC looks like a Corsair case which I personally feel looks bland, but the Acer looks interesting.

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joydestroy3739d ago

actually, mine cost me close to $2000
it was about $1800. and i built it myself.

Intel Core i7-950
2 GTX 460's SLI
Rampage Formula mobo
950 watt enermax psu (if i remember correctly)
2TB (one caviar black/one blue)
Antec 1200 case

and i just recently added in another drive, 2TB caviar green, for storage =)

i love my setup. my PC has cut through anything i've throw at it and Crysis 2 will be no different

dp2774073739d ago

Just to check out each others specs...
Intel core i7-870
gtx 570
700 watt ocz
Fx extreme case
1 TB and 2 TB Seagates 7200

joydestroy3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

lol thanks @thebudgetgamer

hoping to get rid of one of those 460's this year and pick up a 570 just to keep up

hellzsupernova3738d ago

agreed im building my own personal pc somtime towards the end of the year mainly for Star wars the old republic and for RTS games like empire total war it annoys me how i still havnt played it yet lol

SnakeMustDie3739d ago

You can just save $1000 and build it yourself. It can at least run the first Crysis at Enthusiast 50fps at 1080p.

MGRogue20173739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Nah, I'll just buy it for 'mah 360..

Too much hassle, have to keep upgrading & whatnot.

Plus, I'd hate to get some unknown installation error upon booting up the game..

nskrishna23739d ago

those things rarely happen

Although upgrading is a valid point

eggbert3739d ago

my sub $800 computer from 2006 can push better graphics then the recently the 360's demo of Crysis 2.

People keep talking about "having to upgrade" when they don't realize that multiplatform graphics have improved at a snail's place since 2007.

The ONLY problem I've experienced lately is that I had to upgrade to windows 7 for DX11.

Also, what installation error are you referring to? Installing games isn't that hard...

Ravenor3739d ago

It's easier to play stupid and stuff your head in the sand then learn something. That and latching on to stereotypes dreamed up in the 90's and early 2000's when PC visuals actually advanced visually on a almost yearly basis.

I have plenty of friends with older hardware from 06 and 07 that are still enjoying games at a higher resolution, detail level and framerate then the console counterpart.


yes... but a 360 is 100 bucks used... is it worth it when 75percent of pc games dont have crysis requirements?

eggbert3739d ago

@ judalation

$800 in 2006.

My video card is under $70 today, CPU is $60-80.

Seriously a $400-500 build it yourself PC can probably show up PS360 multiplats, and you get a computer out of it. Hell people pay $500+ for crappy e-machines desktops already, so I'd say spending $500 on a gaming rig is a pretty good deal.

Also, you don't have to pay to use your own internet connection.

nskrishna23739d ago

who the hell are crazy nuff to buy these?

I'd rather build it myself

aaaaaaaaa3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

The companies that build them rig's don't rely on people with a bit of a brain they need people with more money than sense to stay in buisness.

nskrishna23737d ago

In words of a professor i know

Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don't have for something they don't need

dp2774073739d ago

My pc will run it fine, I can play the first one all the way maxed and i dont even think part 2 is going to be as demanding.

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