VGD: Dead Space 2 review - real terror? Not really

"Splashing around in a soup of Resident-Evil-era gross-out and Event-Horizon-flavoured interior design, Dead Space soon found its depth as a horror experience, and while the sequel introduces new monsters and squeezes a few, more introspective chills from Isaac’s botched psyche, it readily defaults to the same, shallow scares."

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dirigiblebill3740d ago

Touch more context for the headline... "Dead Space 2 likes to fight dirty. You won’t fear the enemy – not if you’ve played a horror game before, at least – but by God will you hate the evil, excitable, unsporting bastard. You’ll want to knock him down and stamp on him again and again, swearing like you’ve got your thumb caught in a door jamb, and Visceral clearly wants you to want this because they’ve made it possible. Encounters generally tail off into wheezy, cathartic fits of repeated boot-sole punishment, which also has the effect of freeing ammo and health packs from fleshy wrappers."

Soldierone3740d ago

Its like a haunted house.If you are constantly laughing and doing everything you can to not get scared, then why did you pay to get in?

If you turn your surround sound on, hell just turn up the TV, shut the lights off, and really let your mind get into the game there is no way this game dont scare you. The "cool" guys that cant say a sentance without a badword in it wont get scared or admit they did. The rest of the real gaming community will jump at least once per chapter.

MegaBit3740d ago

Bubbles for you my friend!