Bulletstorm demo: Is it any good?

CVG: The feedback is so universally praiseworthy, the biggest complaint seems to be that the Bulletstorm demo is too short.

But forget the Twitterati - we want to know what YOU have to say, dear readers.

Is Bulletstorm all it's cracked up to be - or is the demo to juvenile for your tastes. More to the point, if you're a 360 owner, is it better than the Crysis 2 demo?

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Shmotz3736d ago

Great demo, even if it is short. Shoot an enemy in the nuts and then kick him for maximum lulz.

Perjoss3736d ago ShowReplies(10)
Timesplitter143736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

I had mixed feelings about this game

The good :
- Fun non-serious arcade shooter
- dialogue

The bad :
- controls
- god-awful Unreal Engine graphics. Epic seriously needs to move on and stop using this engine

tmoss7263736d ago

If you made a ton of money on something, why would you move on? This is like telling Activision to move on from CoD.

WildArmed3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Havn't downloaded it yet.. hmm I should put it to d/l when I get time.
I r interested in BS

Man the 4-player co-op looks fun! I wonder if it's open world like borderlands :D
The story looks shit, but that's never the point in FPS games lol

SixZeroFour3736d ago

homefront's story seems promising

tmoss7263736d ago

It's an FPS, not an RPG.

WildArmed3735d ago

So your point is that an FPS game .. lets say Bioshock...
can't have a good story?

tmoss7263735d ago

Yes but it doesn't necessarily have RPG elements like Final Fantasy or ME1. An RPG isn't a game with a great story, it's a game where you can level up a character. Like that's what the focus of the game is about.

Raven_Nomad3736d ago

A M A Z I N G ! Note to all developers, you need something unique to bring to the genre. This is it! So much fun.

dukenukemisyourgod3736d ago

painkiller is better atleast in painkiller u could jump.

this game feels too much like gears of war i swear even uses it's sound effects.


Parapraxis3736d ago

You can't jump in Gears either...I'd hardly call Gears "shitty".

Perjoss3736d ago

@ Parapraxis

lol dont even bother

dirthurts3736d ago

I have never in my life saw any military video where anyone jumped....ever!
Why does everyone assume you have to be able to jump in shooters? It's not a platformer.
On a side note. The game is pretty fun. A nice breath of fresh air. The fact that it's on all the consoles, and PC is another plus.

bobrea3736d ago

Implying that this game is supposed to be realistic?

Tinasumsum3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Miss My Mall arcade days and this brings that feeling back with it's stylish over the top points system gameplay.

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