PS3 Black Ops Post Patch 1.06 – “No Xbox Live Party Chat”?

RipTen: Confusing, but not completely unexpected by PS3 CoD Black Ops Players. This morning PS3 Players received Patch 1.06 to fix continued issues. A PS3 black Ops player named tben posted a very curious picture on the Official CoD: Black Ops Forums; a Picture clearly of a PS3 screen with the words “No Xbox Live Party Chat”.

CrzyFooL4899d ago

Does anybody do QA testing on these patches?

Invadersims4899d ago

Nope, they give it to team of monkeys.

Invadersims4899d ago

But, technically there isn't any Xbox Live Party Chat so the game isn't exactly lying.

Istanbull4899d ago

Activision isn't even trying anymore, and you guys still play their games, sad.

Pixelated_Army4899d ago

Damn shame what they did to this franchise.

I_find_it_funny4899d ago

Activision and Treyarch laugh in your face, don't you see that?

They say, exact quotation: "PS3 version, lmao what? you gonna buy anyway"

rockleex4899d ago

They're basically saying:

"We gimped the PS3 version although World At War was equal on both systems, and you STILL buy it! We'll make fun of the PS3 version even more! MUUHAHAHAHAH!!!! >:D"

Darth_Bane794899d ago

What makes me more mad is the traffic all the people that buy this game cause in he morning http://www.treehugger.com/s...

saladthieves4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

How much fail can Treyarch deliver in less than 6 months?? ...and people keep on buying the game thinking that it's the best thing out there...clearly they are delusional. So much fail I have no words...just a picture

AngryTypingGuy4898d ago

I doubt Activision and Treyarch are purposely gimping the PS3 version. They kind of compete with Infinity Ward in a way, who I think is having a hand in developing the next Modern Warfare. This is just incompetence on their part, and makes them look foolish.

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FinalSpartan4899d ago

thats pretty funny lol

Probably the player got his hopes up thinking PS3 had party chat.

xAlmostPro4899d ago

surely this is proof that they don't check the ps3 version/patches very well -_-

i also find it funny that everytime they patch it about another 6 issues arise, how can patching issues such as "freezing" cause the game to display code from the 360's version? :L


B-Real2064899d ago

The patches also go through Sony QA too.

Pixelated_Army4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )


Sony's QA is to ensure that the supplied code won't have an adverse affect on their systems. This is more of an aesthetic problem and Treyach has total responsibility.

Foliage4899d ago

They'll find a way to blame Sony though...

Crazyglues4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

The sad part is that now you have the proof that the PS3 version is just a sloppy port of the Xbox360 version.. Wow

The Games does sales of over a billion dollars, and all Activision does is just makes a port for the PS3 version...

-Now no-one says F..U... PS3 consumers better then good old Activision.

Please People Don't Buy Modern Warfare3 -it's time to send Activision a Message -you can shove that F------ Port Up Your --- Activision!!..


etowntwo4899d ago

And yet year after year it's PS3's best selling game and most played game on PSN.

Crying gets your no where kid.

RockmanII74899d ago

It won't make a difference, there are millions of people that will buy MW3 regardless just because of the name.

sobekflakmonkey4899d ago

@the_best_player That pic is epic.

Dave13514899d ago

I dont wanna buy it lol but i love call of duty and dont wannt play it on 360 or pc cause of the controls. So sadly i will be buying it lol.

Crazyglues4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )


Oh my God Dave, say it aint so... LoL -Dave your are just proving the stereotype right that people will but it just because it's the next Call Of Duty... so sad

Well at least you were honest, here is a bubble Dave1351 for just keeping it real and being honest...

I can't be mad at you for that... -:)

-But I will indeed be passing, as I am sure the game is going to suck... SledgeHammer doesn't have a clue, + they didn't even have enough time.. this game is coming out this year so it's seriously rushed..

It's just basically going to be a skin pack for MW2 with some silly ideas put in to make it seem like it has new game-play. (like jump to the floor and roll, now you can roll after you jump to the floor... )


SnukaTheMan4899d ago

Hopeing that they get the better version..maybe..hopefully....b ut it will always the be the same as every ps3 game that is ported from the xbox...the inferior version.

xAlmostPro4898d ago

I dont plan on buying the next game, theres far to many great shooters coming out this year .. killzone 3, bulletstorm, homefront, crysis2, brink, resistance 3, socom4, uncharted 3..

the only way i'll get the next COD is if it gets good reviews and my friends say its good and then if its running well on ps3 after a month of release, then i'll get it lol

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multips3fan4899d ago

ppl still black ops?i have not played the game for 2 weeks.it just boring.i been playing mass affect 2 n dead space 2 for hours.once kz3 comes out i really dont think ps3 players will touch B-O

ngecenk4899d ago

it means activision has been anal probing ps3 user and yet somehow you guys still buy the poorly ported game.