When Controllers Fail

Eric at The POW Block says: "Have you ever missed a headshot because the controller wasn't precise enough for you? Have you ever had your thumb slip off the thumb stick when it mattered most? Ever feel like the buttons are positioned in the wrong places when you need to do a complicated move? Have you ever run out of batteries when playing?"

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crispinantista3595d ago

I think there is no 'ideal' controller. Controllers have their limitations. What should be done is have games designed that take into account those limitations.

Look at Earth Defense Force. All the buttons it used were the trigger and bumper buttons and the sticks. You didn't have to ever move a digit away from something to do something else, which could cause failure.

Andrew Wiggin3595d ago

I think there needs to be a healthy balance. Use enough buttons to not leave any 'dead space' on the controller, but don't use too many and over complicate things.

Corepred43595d ago

"The PS3 has two thumb sticks on the same plane (I guess turning, strafing, and shooting wasn't thought of during the design phase)"
I don't get it, can this not be done? Cause I can turn, strafe and shoot at the same time with my ps3 controller. easily.

Darkfocus3595d ago

what are you talking about, there's a picture of one in the pic :P

Andrew Wiggin3595d ago

We have had 20 years of innovation on controllers. I think we are getting to as close to perfect as we are going to get.

tplarkin73595d ago

You sound like the guy who closed the Patent Office at the turn of the 20th century because he thought everything had been invented.

vishant1013595d ago

yes but in last ten years sony hav used the same controller

Dirwin83595d ago

They need to change their controller layout too. Their lazyness is affecting their controller.

Caseydilla3595d ago

If they changed the design of the controller now, gamers would flip. This is the same controller design that has been around for years, except improved. You know how long it would take to get used to another design? Even though the wiimote looks strange, IT even has the same scheme.

Though, I do have problems with the xbox360 controller. That one seems to not register my button pushing sometimes (noticed during Darksiders and Enslaved,) and it's highly annoying. This was using two different 360 controllers.

Andrew Wiggin3595d ago

I'm pretty sure the issues you were having are with input lag. That has to do with the games and not the controller.

I agree with your first thought though, gamers flipped out because they gave Cole hair in Infamous 2. A complete controller redesign would make them go postal.

crispinantista3595d ago

The Wiimote has a lot of terrible button designs. Honestly it's the worst of the three.

Whoever wrote this article is completely wrong about the PS3 though, it's controller is amazing.

Hitster3595d ago

I beg to differ, I own all three consoles and the PS3 has the worst controler of them all. The sticks are convex , the solder buttons are too close together, the sticks are on the same level, and the dpad isn't connected. They fucked up the design of their boomerang controller and hastily made the nonrumble, PS2 I mean 3 controller.

crispinantista3595d ago

Maybe you just don't have a dualshock 3, but your comment about the boomerang is one of a retarded fanboy. Yes, that may have been the original design, but they changed it back to the very functional PS2 design. It was the highest selling console of last generation, that many people couldn't have been wrong.

MidnytRain3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

I think anyone with decent hand-eye coordination should be able to play with and adapt to any controller. I used to game on the 360. When Uncharted 2 was a few days from release, I bought a PS3. At first, the DualShock 3 felt unusual. I had to reach downward to use both analog sticks and it was much smaller and lighter than the 360's controller. But after a few sessions of play and now, fifteen months later, it's what I'm most comfortable with.

Hitster3595d ago

Actually I do have it. I just see no innovation in the controller. It's a ps2 controller and that's all.

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Hitster3595d ago

I agree to some extent. The Wii did take the idea of something commonly used by most Americans daily and convert it into a controller, however jt used complete new controls to the public (ie motion controls). It also added the idea of using two controllers in each hand. So, there is room to innovate. It just has to be based on something people already know.

NosoleeToxin3595d ago

I agree that the buttons on controllers need to be moved where you can still use the analog sticks. An example is the nintendo nunchuck, the analog stick can still be use while the buttons are pressed. That needs to become the new standard.

Andrew Wiggin3595d ago

But that's half the controller. The Wiimote itself has several buttons that are very inconveniently placed.

NosoleeToxin3595d ago

I agree that's why I only mentioned the nunchuck, not the wiimote as a whole. I was merely using it a visual example of what controllers should strive to be as a whole.

Andrew Wiggin3595d ago

I see what you mean, but unfortunately it's also only about 1/4 of a controller. If both sides were like that then you would have no d-pad. I think it's all about assigning the functions to the "out of the way" buttons that you don't use often and not in hectic situations.

Hitster3595d ago

I agree with you Toxin it's nice to be able to use every button on the numchuck. It does take sone getting used to for newbies to the Wii but it works well. Now only if the wiimote had everything in range of the fingers X-P

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