Are Demos Misleading?

We Got This Covered writes: With a whole batch of big titles dishing out promotional (playable) demos for their gamers who are struggling to contain their excitement for something, it got me pondering on the interesting question of their relevance. I will confess now that I rarely hesitate in starting the download myself, but I’m aware that some people find the content the developers/publishers let you try out, misleading if not approached in just the right manner.

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ColinKapow3735d ago

On the most part I've not had much trouble with playing a demo then buying the full game and being disapointed but that may say more about the types of demos I download than anything else. I did however not enjoy the Castlevania Lords of Shadow demo but when it got reduce I took a gamble on it and loved the game so they can be misleading sometimes yes.

N311V3735d ago

I have a similar opinion to you, that on the whole demos are not misleading but with a different example. I liked the Enslaved demo, was expecting a great story because of it but was ultimately disappointed.

FrigidDARKNESS3735d ago

yes demos are misleading because they aren't the final retail version.

ElementX3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

I respectfully disagree. It's not as though graphics will improve much between demo and retail version. People always say wait for retail but seriously, how many games actually improve much from the demo? Demo code is probably 90% complete. After the demo, the focus is on bugs, glitches, and optimization, they're not going to go back and redo 100s of textures.

TheHip143735d ago

for the most part I think they're a fair representation

despair3735d ago

I bought quite a few games after playing the demo for them; Ghostbusters and Darksiders are two examples and I wasn't disappointed with the final product.

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