Only 9 titles for 3DS launch day

Fudzilla: Retailers that we have spoken with today are echoing the feelings of U.K. retailers that have been saying that only nine (9) titles will be available on the 3DS launch day. While the number of titles might be more in Japan, retailers in North America and the U.K. appear to be expecting nine titles. More titles are expected in the weeks that follow, but the picture isn’t yet clear how many are coming.

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Misterhbk2848d ago

Not the best launch lineup at all

Natsu892848d ago

Before any good game releases the psp2 will launche and hopefully with a better lineup,that could totaly beat the 3ds...

ABizzel12848d ago

There's no reason to buy a console at launch. It does nothing for you. All you can do is show that you have it, because there's never anything worth mentioning. You get 1 good game at launch, and a bunch of meh.

It's even worst when you buy a handheld, knowing there's going to be another version of the hardware, that's better in every way, and finally a library of games will exist.

Just wait.

AWBrawler2848d ago

its not about what is "good" when it comes to beating nintendo's portable, it's about what "appeals" and they have Nintendogs. Casuals eat it up, also for the Hardcore, there is StreetFighter, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon.
Are you saying those aren't Good? because You guys sure went crazy over them when they released on the HD twins

Optical_Matrix2848d ago

I only need Super Street Fighter IV. That will keep me going until MGS, Zelda, Kid Icarus etc hit in the spring.

Baka-akaB2848d ago

yeah i just need ssf4 at launch

Kran2848d ago

Wii fail.

Oh crap. Wrong device.

DS Fail.... hmm.... doesn't really work that way.......


Studio-YaMi2848d ago

and you're a troll,so what's your point ?

Kran2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

My point is, the DS and Wii are just devices you play when youre REEEEEAAALLLLY bored, or just desperate.

Quality is crap, controller sometimes dosnt calibrate properly, games are boring as hell and online features.... theres just hardly any.

Vinushka2848d ago

Your idiocy makes me laugh.

divideby02848d ago

recalls the N64 launch... same # of few games... but some were stellar

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The story is too old to be commented.