Internet discounts latest PSP2 photo 'leak'

Squeezing as many last minute rumours out of the PSP2 as possible before its official reveal on 27 January, a photo posing as an official hand-out detailing the device has made its way online.

While many sites have been eager to suggest this is the illusive new gaming device, we are just as eager to point out that it probably isn't.

We'd expect more from Sony than these scrappy handouts and, quite frankly, we're hoping for a better looking PSP2.

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jaizenmonillas3736d ago

It's an edited psp phone, even the psp phone itself is fake. it does exist but it doesn't really play any psp games, chinese are famous for copying stuffs like fake iphones, samething happen with psp phone.. even the os is so fake it's disgusting they are using rooted android to play ps emulator to fool people

sony is loving the fake news so everyone's attention will go away from psp 2 and they were successful.

etowntwo3736d ago

Makes a lot of sense what you say.

Anyways .... looking forward to Jan 27. Hopefully it will be shown then.

crxss3736d ago


"psp phone is fake but it does exist"?? make up your mind.

anyways this looks like a good design if it takes similar shape of the PSP Xperia Phone. I'm sick the oval design from the PSP Go.

darthv723736d ago

is it "officially" announced that the 27th will be the "official" reveal/announcement of the psp2?

Be awfully cruel for that day to come and .... nothing about the psp2.

wingman32x3736d ago

I think this is it. At CES, Kaz Hirai said some news would be coming "in the very near future" about the future of the playstation brand in the mobile market. This seems like a perfect time to do it.

Anyway, here's my last minute predictions. Price is going to be $300-$329.99. Launches in Japan in September, US early/mid December. Uncharted Portable will make the US launch. Pricing won't be revealed thursday though.

I'm confident about that much. In addition to that, I see a megaton surprise announcement in an attempt to steal the 3DS's thunder. Something like FFVII or a long awaited revival of a dead PS series similar to what nintendo did with Kid Icarus.

SIX3736d ago

I don't know about you, but I'm so psyched about the psp2. BTW, I know that's not the real PSP2 in this story, but if it is... I'm going to be really dissapointed.

theafroman3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

seems fake and gay to me.

i do like the way the analog stick are place IMO

silvacrest3736d ago

you can tell the guy commenting is a kid when they use the word "gay" in a derogatory manner, might wanna consider that in the future

on topic, the PSP Phone AKA xperia play is real, after all the leaks if some people still think its fake then they might as well stop using the internet for info purposes and just stick to books

as for the PSP2, i think these new pics are probably photoshoped, the gamepad is to similar to the xperia play

theafroman3736d ago

well excuse me for trying to use a joke from a popular youtube channel RWJ.dont care what people think of me for my comments especially in N4G.
secondly the picture above is what i though was fake,doest look attractive or like something Sony would of made.
the phone psp we all seen the pictures we know it's real big question is how is sony gonna handle this device?

offdawall3736d ago

everybody diggs like crazy to leak psp2 info .....then they'll say psp2 worst kept secret -___-

Laeto2563736d ago

no sony will say actually...the psp 2 is the best kept secret cuz you all went nuts over a fake phone we made, it's called a red herring SUCKAZ

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