Hell Descent: Albert Wesker’s D.C. Douglas Completely and Globally Saturates us in Interview

Hell Descent: We had a chance to interview Albert “CHRISSSSSS!” Wesker’s voice actor D.C. Douglas. D.C. took the Wesker reigns from Richard Waugh after Resident Evil 4 and graced us with the best thing about Resident Evil 5; a fashion focused bad ass antagonist with instant meme lines such as: “CHRRRISSSSS!”, and “Complete. Global. Saturation.” D.C. lets us into his mind a bit about his views on being Resident Evil‘s main baddy, and his own person take on Afterlife‘s portrayal of his iconic performance. And yeah, we know that title sounds pretty dirty. Hit the jump for the full interview.

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Pozzle3734d ago

- Just where is Wesker’s accent from? Is he evil British, Australian, or just fancy?

"He’s an amalgamation of Peter Jessop, Richard Waugh, and the spirit of an irritated David Bowie…"

Oh my god, I love this guy!