theGamerBuzz: You Screamed and the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Crew Heard

This article reveils what is known about FF XIII-2 and provides quotes, and links to other sources of information.

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tinogarza3735d ago

Those who hated how linear it was.

Godmars2903735d ago

If that's the case we wont weather or not they actually heard us until the game is out.

NeutralGamer3735d ago

You know what?

It was not the linearity that made me hate the game...

It was more the characters... I mean what the fuck Square? Putting whiny girls with australian accents in a game who arent even exciting for the players to get interested in -.-

Ryudo3735d ago

Couldn't you technically use that quotation for any FF character minus the Aussy part.

I think Auron is the only FF character I can think of that didn't cry like a sissy at some point.

NeutralGamer3735d ago

Actually the characters from FF 7-9 had more background story...

The events in the game always had something to do with their past:

Cloud = Childhood with Tifa and soldier time with Sephiroth and Zach

Squall = The orphanage

Zidane = Coming from the other planet...

The characters in FF 13 past event was just a few days before the incident -.-

Ryudo3735d ago

Yeah I at first thought they meant people where screaming for 13-2, because I was about to say I certainly wasn't.

Eamon3735d ago

I kinda believe Square wants to mend the bad rep of FF13 by releasing FF13-2.

Who knows? It might actually turn out good.


Otheros003735d ago

No, they just want more money for FFXIII. FFXIII-2 was made from the stuff that was chopped of from FXIII to fit 7Gb dvds. So, instead of paying once for the complete FFXIII experience they are forcing you to pay twice for the complete experience.

sashimi3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

I thought square was just using all the content they cut out from FF XIII. Don't remember where but i read that they cut out enough content enough for another game..and from that i knew there was going to be a FF XIII-2 before FF XIII even released.

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Too_many_games3735d ago

That picture of Lightening's sword going threw the feathers reminded me of Final Fantasy VIII, my favorite!

Tex1173735d ago

Puts some towns in it...give it some exploration and a story line that people can actually follow and hey...I'll give it a shot.

shammgod3735d ago

The short trailet looks promising like they are bringing back a true vilian like sephiroth...instead of something you dont see until the end. On a positive note I still think ffxiii was top 3 in graphics and ffxiii 2 will be also

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