Xbox 360: Master blaster

Microsoft has garnered the praise and devotion of many dedicated joypad jockeys, although it has lost some of the early goodwill due to the recent dearth of quality software and its backward compatiblity tardiness.

What Microsoft is yet to prove is that Xbox can attract the kind of broad demographic that Sony garnered over 10 years of PlayStation, and that Nintendo looks likely to regain with Wii.

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SEER5379d ago

I think Microsoft is doing exceptionally well for itself. It has sold 5 million already, and is predicted to sell 10 million by the years end. If you think about it, nearly half of the xbox 1 user base will be gained in 1 year. Keep this up Microsoft and you definately will be more successful this time round.

bizzy125379d ago

come on now no competion and why realease everything now so the competitor copy every thing when wii and ps3 luanches then 360 will shine with there second waves of games and accesories come out and live price drops and the bigger hardrive

Islandkiwi5379d ago

This is MS's big issue, they need a more family friendly console. Little kids have nothing to play. And while I think Viva Pinata looks good, it is one game.

Balance5379d ago

i think they are focusing on the teenage and mature gamers. but there are a few kiddie games coming, lego star wars, that actually looks kind of fun.
how many kiddie games are slated for the ps3? kiddie games are being left to the wii.

G_CodeMonkey5379d ago

My kids play Cloning Clyde, Marble Madness, Frogger and the puzzle games. So I think you mean there aren't a huge # of $60 games available for them-- but there are plenty of $5-10 games which all of them enjoy--they are addicted to Cloning Clyde and argue over who gets to play. My oldest boy (9) plays all the sport games, and I play almost ALL the games. M$ is doing a great job.


FordGTGuy5379d ago

Right now most gamers out there are 18+ and most kids 14+ love games like Halo. When it comes to Microsoft and Software its unbeatable.

Hayabusa 1175379d ago

I have no qualms with playing Halo 3 and Gears of War for the rest of my life, but I think diversifying their games will be important because that's someting Sony already has, and Nintendo will be gunnig for. I also think Microsoft know this. Viva Pinatas porbably won't be the only game they'll try to temp kids with, although ironically, it's something I (as a hardcore, anti-singstar gamer) am interested in.

I think the real people they need to enitce with a wide selection of games, are not 12 year olds, but older, much more casual gamers, who think a game like Halo will do their head in by it's alledged complexity.

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