Review: Sword and Hammer - Extra Guy

While I have been reviewing games for a long time, I never quite got into this whole “scoring” idea. Sure, age might only be a number, but a videogame’s level of quality is not. Videogames are certainly not letters and they aren’t plus-signs or smiley faces or thumbs pointing north or south. To me a game’s worth is measured in words. I could have just said “Oh look, I gave Sword and Hammer a F-… there it is” and walked off with the knowledge that I just wrote a perfectly sufficient review for most people but Sword and Hammer deserves so much more.

The realm of Istellano is known not just for its breathtaking vistas but for its King, a kingly King named Papa Scalio. He has tasked two of his greatest soldiers — Gregor the Hammer is known for his mustache while Sigfried the Sword is known for his complete lack of ‘stache — with the most dangerous of missions. They are the realm’s last hope against the dread Lich and his army of bandits, zealouts and traitorous knights. In all actuality, the foes only sound tough as the only challenge is the possibility that the player is too busy laughing to press the buttons.

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