IGN: Returning to Age of Empires

IGN: Every once in a while I remember when Ensemble Studios shut down and I feel sad. At the time, it seemed to mean the death of Age of Empires, and was another sign PC gaming was being shoved further under the carpet. The world's economy was in freefall, cats were making out with dogs, and pigs were migrating south for the winter. Then in 2010, order was restored. Another Age of Empires game was announced, this time courtesy of Robot Entertainment.

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Psychotica3740d ago

Rather play AOE2 or AOE3....

ezcex3740d ago

Yeah. It sounds like they are just trying to take your money.

JoeIsMad3740d ago

How is it that this review passed when my review was posted 5 hours earlier, and it still hasn't been verified?