GAMER-0 # 42: The Ninja Evolution!

T-Hill writes: Another great episode where we touch on Team Ninja’s new Ninja Gaiden game, what’s in the PSP2, PS3 and PC versions of Kingdom Under Fire II are almost the same game and how bad was the Disney Interactive layoff. Find out in this episode of GAMER-0.

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egm_hiphopgamer3731d ago

The next Ninja Gaiden will be seriously Different, Gamer-0 keep that fire coming

Hitman07693731d ago

Ninja Gaiden could be one of the best Action titles of all time, but I honestly have some fundamental issues with it. Maybe it's just me?

I hope the evolution of this title being spoken of in this video will propel it to new heights.

vgcgames3731d ago

the industry needs to invest more into these types of games

booni33731d ago

OMG I love Ninja Gaiden, i can't wait for the new game! Keep the difficulty up, it's literally one of the best things about the title.

NYC_Gamer3731d ago

100% agree,all us fans love the NG franchise for its difficulty and gameplay

Hayabusawoman133731d ago

looks challenging but I would give it try

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