Operation Flashpoint: Red River Gets Blown Apart

IGN: Fun's not something that's previously figured in the Operation Flashpoint series, but it's front and centre of this year's instalment, Red River. Taking as much inspiration from Left 4 Dead and traditional RPGs, it's a brave new step for the authentic military shooter and one that should open its charms up for a new console audience. Creative Director Sion Lenton took us through the philosophies behind the changes as we bring you an exclusive new look at Operation Flashpoint: Red River.

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FanboyPunisher3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

So anyone who bought the first gets ripped off...then they make a new one when they should/could of patched the first which was highly unfinished and not nearly where it should of been @ launch.

They are focused on money, and greed..this is just being marketed differently because everyone hates them from the last. So now, they are trying to B.S. their way back into the hearts of gamers when they ran away from the first project.

No one buy this, let this shitty dev die out via bankruptcy/closure.

Hellsvacancy3735d ago

The last was PROPER broken, the online was pretty much unplayable *gets into a helicopter, helipcopter flys upside down and EXPLODES*

Yeah, wasnt good, really wanted to like the game aswel

Ill b rentin the 2nd game

VenomProject3734d ago

I bought the first one, won't make the same mistake again.

That game was terribly broken. Codemasters needs to take a very long nap.

MGRogue20173735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

It looks like another Call of Duty or Medal of Honor.. Automatically getting this.

Soz, I'm a sucker for these types of games.. rank up, get new weapons etc etc..

bumnut3735d ago

Flashpoint is nothing like COD, flashpoint is hardcore (well it used to be, not sure how this one will turn out)

Last game was terrible though

retrofly3735d ago

I liked what i saw in OPFlash:DR but the game was horrible in reality, codemasters are very clever in the way they market their games, the way they release their information and gameplay clips builds hype, and they tell you alot of lose promises. When the game is delivered it turns out to be something comepltly different.

Wacth out for them hiring "experts" to tell you how good the game is, e.g Ant Davidstone for F1 2010, it'll mainly be BS, I mean they're not going to sit there and say its s**t, expect it to be buggy as hell and recive next to no support.

Anyone remeber the HUGE lists of bugs in F1 2010? I didnt play OPFlash:DR long enough to find out if they even scratch on that steaming pile of turd game.

T3MPL3TON 3735d ago

No thank you. The Flashpoint games are crappy.

Stewie2k83734d ago

i dont like flashpoint anymore... think i'll just play ArmA2 British armed forces expansion :D

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