Crysis 2 Xbox demo: Is it any good?

CVG: The Xbox-exclusive Crysis 2 demo is out on Xbox 360 - and the early verdicts are coming in thick and fast.

The demo was unleashed on Microsoft's console earlier today - and judging by our download queue, has been quite the must-have trial.

Twitter is ablaze with gamers giving their early reviews and, as you may expect, they're something of a mixed bag.

Here's a handful:

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Troll_Police3834d ago ShowReplies(6)
Daz3834d ago

Yes i like it ,Better mutiplayer then the first.

meetajhu3834d ago

Have you played the first one and Crysis Wars? Well i play it daily and i don't know in what way you say its better than the first one after i tried the 360 demo me and my friends where so much disappointed with the game. It so much toned down version of the first one the only new addition is the grabbing to ledge yet again its made to help people with controllers who can't jump properly from a lower floor to higher!

Daz3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Yeah i have both crysis on disc and crysis wars on steam. But we all have differnet likes and dislikes and i enjoy the mutiplayer more in crysis 2, it does have some issues that need to be fixed.
I was only comparing crysis mutiplayer to crysis 2 mp, not crysis wars.

Just have to wait and see. But my opinion is only based of a demo not the full game.

DualConsoleOwner3833d ago

Look at this pic.

Sure, it has amazing graphics for PC, but for Xbox 360, its graphics are mediocre.

KZ2 is still far better looking than Console Crysis 2.

NeutralGamer3833d ago

Guys need to hold off about how much this suck...

Didnt they make this like a beta?? Maybe theyll improve it :S still got 2 months lol...

Ryudo3833d ago


Even the PS3 fanboys aren't buying that, Crysis 2 is easily comparable to KZ3 in terms of graphics.

The only reason you care however is that you can't stand the fact the 360 has a good looking game, even if it is multiplatform...

S_C3833d ago

@ DualConsoleOwner
Why does all the ps3 fanboys bring KZ into a Crysis article all the time, there is nothing special at all about KZ and yes i have played killzone 2 and seen vids of KZ3 and the colour pallet is so bland it bores me thats what i like about crysis is its beautiful graphics and color pallet and that what i love about the uncharted games aswell. Now Ill Just Sit Back And Watch The disagrees Roll In Because I Questioned Their Addored KZ

dabri53833d ago

You should see the color pallets in Bullet Storm. Granted the game may not be your cup of tea, but wow is it colorful and pretty in general. HUGE bosses too.

S_C3833d ago

Ye i played the demo yday and wasnt fussed at all on it tbh, but after giving it another go it grew on me a little, but i have to say im loving the crysis 2 demo

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g0green3833d ago

i think its pretty good, solid graphics but bulletstorm demo is much more actual fun

IcarusOne3833d ago

I can't catch a game. Whenever I finally get into a lobby, it boots me right as the match is about toe start.

I was intrigued to find a 3D menu in the options though...

aviator1893834d ago

It's actually pretty solid. I just hate the controls.

FrigidDARKNESS3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

i don't understand why so many ps3 fanboys are envy of 360 gamers playing a demo. It's like in rvery Crysis 2 demo thread there is so much hateful vitriol from them.

played the demo and is is totally aweaome love everything about it.

young juice3834d ago

wh...what the hell. i love how quick to judge you seem.

OH. OH. erbody who dont like dis demo iz ps3 fanboys mad cuz dey cant play it. none of the posts above you at the time indicate any kind of fanboyism

"played the demo and is is totally aweaome love everything about it." you 360 fanboy.

lowcarb3834d ago

Oh so your talking all that crap about judging and then end your comment with "you 360 fanboy".
Dude shut the heck up! You know exactly what he's talking about. HOw are you going to critcize somebody and then turn around and do the exact same thing lol? Gotta love these comedians on N4G I tell ya. Game looks great by the way.

hassi943834d ago


I think he was being ironic with the last thing he said. I'm pretty sure he didn't mean it.

Killustrious3833d ago're probably one of the biggest idiots i've ever seen..

Ryudo3833d ago


I guessing the biggest one if when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror?

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Sarcasm3833d ago

What does it have anything to do with PS3 fanboys or PS3 at all? It's a 360 demo and people who PLAYED the 360 demo either liked it or didn't.

What now? It's a 360 fanboy civil war?

gamer20103833d ago

I guess it's just a big coincidence that most of the people hating on Crysis 2 have a history of being PS3 fanboys. I'm sure there's no connection whatsoever. /s

nycredude3833d ago

You guys really are acting retarded. You DO know this is a multiplat game right? We fighting over a demo now? Now we aren't alowed to dislike a demo? LOL

Now I've seen it all.

Kurt Russell3833d ago

nycredude laid down a bag of common sense for everyone to taste.

xAlmostPro3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

some people own both consoles :)

i dont, well not really i gave my 360 to my step brother, but i played this last night and it looks good(not as good as expected or previously seen though) the controls are hit and miss, other than that it was pretty solid. Although every now and then it would mess up when killing a guy not sure if it was lag or hit detection but i shot a guy(using scout class) and he dropped on the 3rd bullet which completely missed and then then my kill didn't appear in the feed for another second or 2 after that. Another time i crept up on a guy when for the stealth kill thing and he disapeared from the start of the action to the end in which he re-appeared dead on the ground.

Like i said though overall its pretty solid, has a few issues im sure they can and will fix :)

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dragon823833d ago

This demo just feels boring as hell after playing the Killzone 3 beta. Even Black Ops is more fun than this demo and I hate playing COD games online.

MGRogue20173834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Mmmmmmmm.... I don't know.

I just tried the demo & the graphics aren't that good, are they? =/

It doesn't look much different from the beta I tried a long while ago, It looks a bit more optimized though.

How come the demo doesn't look as good as good as it does in this video?

Maybe, a old build?

kancerkid3834d ago

Old build would make sense. I mean they need to submit code to MS to get it approved and they want the code submitted to be a solid build, not a prototype build which may have some bugs fixed but has not been fully tested.

Most demo codes are actually pretty old compared to what is sitting in the Crytek office right now.

Tony-Red-Grave3834d ago

crytek said it was a tech demo not beta or something along those lines