(Video) DC Universe Online Glitch - What's Going On?

PI writes, "Last night in a strange turn of events upon logging into the incredibly addictive and expanding DC Universe Online game on the PlayStation 3 I was met with a puzzling incident. Players on the hero side of the game including myself spawned stuck together between the floor and the world as villains appeared and appeared to be engaging in player versus player...."

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9thGenHero3729d ago

I haven't leveled up enough to encounter any crazy glitches, still an addictive awesome game !!

Hitman07693729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

It was a pretty crazy glitch in this video I must say, good thing all you have to do is warp out of there to escape it.


that's brutal! :O


I still have to call SOE to fix my damn glitch.... :(

soundslike3729d ago

don't do that

open the map menu and warp to rally/hq


My glitch has me stuck in a building, will that fix my glitch. I tried going to an alert space and then back into the main game space and it just placed me back into the same trapped spot.

booni33729d ago

Here's a DCUO glitch: the game file is fourteen GB.

koehler833729d ago

So why isn't your HDD 500?

booni33729d ago

Forgive me if i don't see how that's relevant. Even if my HD was a TB, that's a ridiculous size and the download takes way too damn long. Glitch i tell you.

Christopher3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Sorry, but 14GB is a pretty standard HDD requirement for MMOs, if not even more. And, the download actually is really fast, just the file size is massive. Most of that data is audio files, which are heavily used in DCUO (as well as WoW, EQ2, and the upcoming SWKotOR).

This is very much the norm for MMOs.

AssassinHD3729d ago

It is a pretty standard size for installed game data for an MMO, as cgoodno stated. Also, it took me about 2 hours to download and install it. Hardly "way too long" if you ask me.

We are going back to you now aren't we? If space is an issue then upgrade your HDD. If download time is an issue then upgrade your internet connection.

soundslike3729d ago

are you serious?

so you would rather have less content and compressed videos?

Probably one of the most spoiled brat things I've ever heard.

egm_hiphopgamer3729d ago

OH NO the last thing we need is a successful game to become unsuccessful because of glitches.

Drekken3729d ago

Yeah, look what has happened to the CoD franchise because of glitches. /s

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