Dead Space 2: Severed announced for PSN, XBL

EA’s just announced Dead Space 2: Severed for PSN and XBLA.


The content is an “all-new digital download pack” which sees the main characters of Dead Space: Extraction, Gabe and Lexine, return in “two standalone chapters” in the game’s story.

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Eiffel3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Hopefully it's better than Dead Space: Ignition, bleh. Beat that turd solely for the hacker suit.

Commander_TK3736d ago

Why isn't it on the DS2 disc? Oh wait, it's EA.

sam22363736d ago

I don't get it a shitty comic like Ignition or is it a proper game?

SuperStrokey11233736d ago

Its two extra missions that will fill in some of the story most likely. Look for mentions of their escape from the sprawl in Isaac's story. Could be good for more story info.

Roper3163736d ago

As much as I love DS enough is enough already. We've had ignition, comics, cartoons DS2, etc and now these. To much is as bad as not enough imo.

femshep3736d ago

sir there can never be enough Dead space. every little bit to add to the universe is perfect

MasterFlameBaitor3736d ago

yea keep milking that cash cow EA! /sarcasm

Dragun6193736d ago

EA is just trying to expand the Dead Space series. You could say there trying to make it as popular as the Resident Evil franchise. Wouldn't surprise me if Hollywood announces a Dead Space live action movie or if EA announces more Dead Space Spin offs like on the 3DS/PSP2.

I'm all for it too, as long as they maintain the high quality that DS1&2 have delivered, and retain the elements that series is known for and not deviate from it unlike Resident Evil 5.

AntoineDcoolette3735d ago

I love the enrichment of the Dead Space universe. Now I want further, proper, enrichment of the ALIENS universe. No more disasters on the scale of ALIEN Resurrection.

Roper3163736d ago

I guess I am different and instead of playing the same game with a few tweaks here and there every year I would rather something new and different.

Played DS, played DS Ignition, waiting for DS2 to arrive from Amazon so like I said that is enough DS for me in a 2 year period.

femshep3735d ago

so you WOULD wanna play dead space....and the fact that its really hard to be original now a days....its more like take something old and spin it in an attempt to be new

the "playing the same game with a few tweaks here and there every year" is describing call of duty =p

SuperStrokey11233736d ago

So its two chapters that we can buy to suplement the story? Sounds awesome to me. Definately will be getting this, well depending on price.

DigitalRaptor3736d ago

I've always disliked publishers announcing DLC before the game has come out or just after. But I don't object to it if it is quality and worth the price.

This will be extra sweet for PS3 players and those that have played Extraction on the Wii because they will be familiar with the characters and their story before playing this add-on story.

Forbidden_Darkness3736d ago

Yeah, i'm DLing Extraction as i type this message! Hope it's good.

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