Final Fantasy Versus XIII Update

Square Enix shared a gameplay-filled trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII at last week's 1st Production Department Premier event, but director Tetsuya Nomura did not show up at the event to detail the game. For clarification on what we should have been looking for in the trailer, we turn to this week's Dengeki PlayStation which has an interview with Nomura and a four page spread on the game

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SnakeMustDie3730d ago

SE should push back XIII-2 and devote all their resources to Versus.

xYLeinen3730d ago

So you're saying you want the team behind FF13 helping out with FF versus 13?

newhumanbreed3730d ago

What's wrong with that? FF13 was an awesome game. It would have been better if it had stayed exclusive, but that wasn't the dev team's fault.

xYLeinen3730d ago


I agree, but just brought it up because most people don't agree with that.

Eamon3730d ago

There's nothing wrong with the team. It's the head designers' decisions for gameplay and scenario that were bad.

I personally would want Versus out before XIII-2 but who knows. Maybe, S-E would learn from their mistakes and XIII-2 may turn out to be a great game.

One can hope.

vsr3730d ago

This is the only title will show what is FINAL FANTASY

Only ON PS3

I'm expecting a live demo @ E3 2011 & A kevin butler commercial on 2012

Shang-Long3730d ago

Another example is a plane crashing into the road. Implementing these kinds of real time events, which transition seamlessly into the flow of gameplay, takes a long time in terms of development, said Nomura.

Wow can't wait

blitz06233730d ago

I wouldn't mind if this releases next year. There are tons of games coming out this year anyway. As long as the wait pays off, unlike what happened to XIII

iamtehpwn3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

" During the early parts of the story, party members will be swapped in and out for you. However, as you advance in the story, you'll be able to freely switch out members."

Oh...GOD. I hope this isn't like XIII's forced party members... Please Not again D;

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TardcoreGamer3730d ago

right on the money..or scrap 13-2 entirely but that's just me..

Keith Olbermann3730d ago

The only reason I want this to stay exclusive is that exclusive games on either console looks better and performs better on that particular one. Usually. I'm not saying xbox sucks or anything I just want this to play and look the best it can...and get it finished faster too.

showtimefolks3730d ago

can't waite from everything i have seems it looks like a open world FF game with real time combat(hack/slash)

what's the release window? what's you gut feeling?

i think it will be Q1 2012

and about 13-2 i think because this times its in development for ps3/xbox360 at the same time expect a overall better game i don't think they will cut any content just release the damn game on 2-3 disks i don't think many people care about changing a disk.

i play most of my games on ps3 but i played Me1-2 on xbox360 changing disks didn't bother me at all

HINDERIZATION3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

In-game world map was all i had to hear :D
edit: and stealing tanks cars chocobos and airships? i think heaven's a little closer than it seems :D

showtimefolks3730d ago

one thing that confused me is it said combat is a party system?

so it means its still real time combat or turn based?

someone told me ff versus is real time hack and slash, that's what interested me about the game this would be my first ff game

LeonVesper3730d ago

If you managed to get lucky and watch the bootlegged copy of Versus XIII, yes, the action is real-time. The added benefit is, at any time, you can take control of any of your current party during the middle of combat, each with different properties to the overall battle.

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