The Last Guardian: Preview by way of Re-view

Justin Belin "A quick search of the internet for news or previews of The Last Guardian, the third game from Sony’s Team Ico under the direction of Fumito Ueda, reveals one striking fact: there is very little information at all. First announced at E3 2009, only a meager three trailers have been released, revealing next to nothing about the title’s plot or design, much less a suggestion of concrete gameplay mechanics. In that time, whole generations of Halos, Call of Duties and Grand Theft Autos have been announced, released, and retired by the gaming public. As such, each and every article on the heavily anticipated follow-up to 2001’s Ico and 2005’s Shadow of the Colossus sheepishly features the same screenshots (which we guiltily reproduce here), hypotheses regarding the youthful protagonist’s connection to the lineage of the prior games, and conjectures on how the game might play. And ultimately, each preview concludes with an apologetic hope and promise for more details to come in the near future."

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