Killzone 3 Might Actually Get Me to Use PlayStation Home

Loot Ninja writes:

"Sony announced yesterday that Killzone 3 would feature PlayStation Home Total Integration, which got me thinking about how much I use PlayStation Home at this point. The answer to that quandary is zero, zinch, nada. I don’t even have PlayStation Home installed on my PS3 (I deleted it to save precious hard drive space). But what Sony has announced makes me think I might actually want to use the service, at least for a bit."

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BiggCMan3731d ago

I think loot-ninja should come up with their own articles. This is very similar to an article posted on IGN a few days ago, with even the title being nearly the same.

fiercescuba3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Don't really read IGN to be perfectly honest. It is possible for ideas to overlap.

Also, we get the same press releases that IGN gets, so information is sure to overlap.

This is why you can link to many other sites for the same exact story.

The concept has many people thinking this same thing... maybe it is time to give Home a fair shot.

drunkpandas3731d ago

As the author of the article, I can say 100% that I do not read IGN (almost ever, as I don't agree with most of their opinions and reviews). The article was based off my own thoughts after reading the press release from Sony regarding the Killzone content in PlayStation Home.

SuperStrokey11233731d ago

Ill take your guys word for it, it does look mighty suspicious though...

That being said, this may actually be something worth checking out.

fiercescuba3731d ago

@ Strokey:

Thanks. Let be honest for a second, does it make any sense to plagiarize a recently published article on a monumental sized website only to try to pass it off on your own site within days of its release? Probably not because someone is sure to notice, as the person above did.

Hardcore gamers don't really read IGN anymore, ourselves included. We all know how well received their reviews are.

I usually only check that site when they will have a super advanced review of a AAA title. The last I can remember was Halo: Reach.

SuicideShaun3731d ago

I used to use home. I really didn't like it, the whole overall community on it makes you feel like you are in highschool.

nycredude3731d ago

High school was fun so why not? At least for me it was.

Daz3731d ago

home is full of stalkers :P

evilunklebud3731d ago

Not sure what the hell the point of home is, but looking forward to KZ3.

theballa1130923731d ago

I actually tried it yesterday for the first time but quit at the character creator cus they were all ugly :P lol

blackburn53731d ago

Could people shut up already about the KZ3 thing is the only reason they want to use Home. No one [email protected] theballa113092. My avatar is very sexy. You obviously don't know what you are doing

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