Best in Show: Paradox Interactive Convention 2011

From "So, four days, 16 games, two trans-Atlantic flights, one very nice steak and some very cold weather later, I'm back home and ready to give you the low-down on everything I saw at this year's Paradox Convention. There may have been a distinct lack of giant tankards of mead, but there was still plenty of fun to be had, and plenty to see as well.

As we reported on during our live-blog early last week, this is going to be a very interesting year for Paradox. The company, especially under Fredrik Wester, have set a precedent of entering new and supposedly 'crowded' markets, and succeeding when no-one thought they could. Looking at their history is truly fascinating, and you can't help but admire a company that keeps going from strength to strength. As Wester himself said, the PC market is far from dying, and it's companies like Paradox that are helping to keep it going. Sure, they may not release the most accessible or mainstream of titles, but they appeal to their target markets, and that's all you can ask from a company."

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