First Bulletstorm Xbox 360 Demo Screenshots

Check out some first Bulletstorm demo screenshots for Xbox 360.

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MGRogue20173740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Compare the PS3 & Xbox 360 versions of the demo already.. We all know you want to. :)

Might as well do the same with Crysis 2 demo while your at it too.

Neko_Mega3740d ago

Both will look the same on both systems, but the game is a blast but I didn't see much points for killing someone in a really nastly way.

MGRogue20173740d ago

No, There will be *Always* be differences between each version of a multi-platform title.

Neko_Mega3740d ago

Ok maybe PS3 might have a brighter picture, oh my god.

Really Unreal 3 look pretty much the same as the 360 Vs PS3, only plus side was the add ons didn't get compress.

sjaakiejj3740d ago

Somehow this game doesn't look like it'll be much fun...

byeGollum3740d ago

going by Epic's track record, It will be fun to play..

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