UKIE "intend to commission research" into piracy, estimate 4:1

According to an estimation by publisher body UK Interactive Entertainment, piracy runs at "4:1 against legitimate sales" from what data they've seen.

Pirated titles are a "sub-standard product" and bought illegal copies don't allow money to "flow back to the creative." UKIE will research it 'scientifically'.

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gamesR4fun3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

a "sub-standard product"

dont sell good games are making more money than ever.
get your game up and quit crying about the pirates. Jus keep stuffing yur pockets with taxpayers money and churning this BS you foks.

imvix3736d ago

DRM, Rehashed crap games and high prices are currently top reasons why people pirate games.

Dark_Overlord3736d ago

Its funny how these so called industry surveys constantly say crap like this, when independent research proves time and time again, that most people who pirate actually spend more on legitimate products

bednet3736d ago

People buy the games they really want, but at the price they are charging, most people cannot afford more than 4-5 games a year. So they pay for the ones they know and love and don't risk buying the ones they are not sure about...that's when pirating comes in.

Just lower the freakin' price and you'll sell more...magic number for me is 30$...It's either day 1 full price purchase or on sale/used/greatest hits purchase.

By their logic, buying used is as bad as money goes back to devs.

Pandamobile3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

I doubt this.

"It can provide the consumer with a sub-standard product and money paid to illegal traders does not flow back to the creative."

Haha, half the time when I do pirate a game it's BECAUSE it's a sub-standard product and the pirated version is lacking what makes it a sub-standard product.