PSUni: We were wrong -- Mass Effect 2 Review

PSUni writes "Almost exactly 12 months ago, Mass Effect 2 released to critical and commercial success on the Xbox 360 and PC, and until last August it seemed as if PlayStation 3 owners would be on the outside looking in as BioWare’s epic space trilogy unfolded, missing out on arguably the finest RPG experience that this generation has to offer."

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Baba19063734d ago

i just started this game and love it. =D awesome!

thereapersson3734d ago

"While it’s all gravy when the game is firing on all cylinders, I experienced some genuinely ugly textures while playing through the Project Overlord mission pack. Curiously enough, these weren’t apparent until I was exploring the fields of Aite on the Firewalker (more hate for that wretched machine); rather than loading up what should’ve been standard grass and rock textures as seen in this (spoiler-free) 360 video, the ground was a sea of green and brown pixels. No joke, it was like traveling on a sea of digital camouflage. Furthermore, the tall grass in the above video would only sprout up — literally — when I was within about 10-15 feet of it. It’s not an isolated incident, either. How this got through QA when you spend 10-20 minutes travelling that field is beyond me.:"

tudors3734d ago

@thereapersson you make it sound like all the article pointed out negatives, it's clearly a positive article.

jetlian3734d ago

play the game and enjoy it. overload was pretty fun

The_Zeitgeist3734d ago

I'm 3 hours in and tired as hell this morning, because of it.

ExPresident3734d ago

Same I played last night for 3 hrs and so far love the game. Its one of the few games that has gotten me to read every piece of lore I find as I go which has been alot so far :O

Masterchef20073734d ago

glad to see that they did a good job with the PS3 version

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