Crytek expects next-gen consoles by 2013

“It’s really getting old and tight” in the current space, says Crysis 2 developer

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Pedantic913736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

But for the PS3 and Xbox360 ? i dont think so.

What i think will happen is that the Nintendo will get a really good head start with their next console. The coming years will become really interesting.

DoomeDx3736d ago

Same here.
I dont know. things will definatly change in 2013.
But this guy is a smart man. he doesnt talk out of his ass like most developers do

sjaakiejj3736d ago

They'll be announced either this year or the next. This guy is spot on, if you look at the games, the consoles age is starting to show, especially if you compare it with a high-end PC and what it can do right now.

People act like this gen is going to be forever, but in fact it's almost over. Developers have already received the specifications of the new consoles, and are already working on games for them. They're not far off.

vsr3736d ago

I still doubt PS4 will launch on 2013.

But successors for the Wii & xbox will arrive. Those are really "Next GEN" ??????

Tachyon_Nova3736d ago

360 will be 8 years old in 2013. Xbox lasted only 5 years before 360 came along so its surely possible. It all depends on how sales go this year and next, if they slow down, definetly during 2013, if they hold up or increase, well then probz 2014.

BigKev453736d ago

Actually Xbox lasted only 4 years.

jetlian3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

2012 or 13 but hes right. xbox was only 4 years

R2D23736d ago

I hope Apple beat MS and Sony to the punch and bring out a console that would make Geohotz cry.

Mmmkay3736d ago

oh my fucking god! how many casual games do we need!?

Ryudo3736d ago

Yeah because we need an apple console that cost's twice as much for the same parts and performance as a Microsoft/Sony equivalent right? wouldn't that be awesome for the industry.

This is coming from an Iphone 4 owner, Apple having nothing interesting or insightful to bring to the industry other then over priced hardware.

I mean I have to laugh my ass off every time I read the back of my phone.

"Designed by Apple California Assembled in China"

Stfu Apple your just to stuck up to say Made in China like the rest of the world.

But at least more Chinese people will commit suicide if they do start manufacturing consoles right? They already overwork there Chinese workers so much that there's been a string of suicides in the past 2 years.

xAlmostPro3736d ago

i dont think there will be another xbox/720 type console with the way things have headed.. lack of hardcore games, interest in the pc gaming market, interest in d/l only, occupied with kinect..

wouldn't be suprised if microsofts next console was "kinect 2" where being pretty small games everything was d/l only, just a small box + the camera..

i think the current consoles will last longer than 2013 anyway

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redd0r3736d ago

In consoles for just over a year and suddenly they know everything....

What weight does it hold that a game developer is saying this? ummm none. Try asking the first parties, ala, nintendo, microsoft or sony, think they might know a little more.

WhiteNoise3736d ago

If you read the article instead of getting defensive like a fangirl; you would have read him state that he DOES NOT THINK a new console will actually come then, but that he hopes for it because current tech is ( to paraphrase in my terms ) 'outdated as fu<k'.

xAlmostPro3736d ago

but in console terms it isn't out dated.. in hardcore pc gaming terms they are..

theres a difference, update the consoles to high gaming pc spec standards and the cost goes up, thats not what console gamers want..

i console game because its fairly cheap and fits into my lifestyle more than pc gaming does, if it starts becoming more like a PC in terms of gaming/cost then i might aswell get a better PC..

WhiteNoise3736d ago


You're dealing in black and whites here. Before 2007 is was primarily a console gamer. When the 360 launched, I was playing doom 3 on a 3 year old second hand $50GPU...and doom 3 looked better than any 360 game at the time on my PC....

This gen was dated at launch whereas previous generations were a big leap forward. IMO this gen is not much improved over last in terms of visuals.

The reason I switched to PC ( after owning all 3 consoles last gen, and every nintendo console and handheld prior ) is becuase this generation of consoles offered nothing new. Not one new I.P worthy of note at launch.

With console games costing $10-20 more than PC games as well as insane launch prices of consoles, PC is most certainly cheaper.

beavis4play3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

whitenoise - if games like KZ3, gears3, uncharted 3, ME2, batman:AC, resistance 3 are signs that consoles are outdated - then, i'm happy with outdated.
and we still haven't seen games like elderscrolls:skyrim or agent yet.........i think current consoles (except wii) can go on till 2014 with new versions sometime in late 2015.

edit below: Ju - well said and bubbles for that.

Ju3736d ago

Yes, agree with redd0r. Console business is all about building on custom SW and tools and the ROI for those engines.

Not sure what business model Crytek is goinf after, well they sell middle ware, too. But yet, they didn't make a dime on any console games (nor their engine), yet. Without selling crysis (to consoles) and making a postmortem financial analysis this statement is naive in both technical and financial terms.

Sounds like the fangirls would say just because you gotta optimize your input data to an embedded target. Guess what, this is how the whole embedded market works (and not just gaming as such). From someone who leads a company I'd expect a more solid statement not a pure "but I want more ram and faster cpu" statement.

MGRogue20173736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

“It’s really getting old and tight”

That's what she said.

I bet they can't wait to dig in & get their hands dirty, eh?

Pillville3736d ago

They don't get tighter as they get older....

lordkemp0073736d ago


Good one buddy, that made me chuckle quite a bit.

theone263736d ago

I smell preemptive damage control from Crytek as they can not get the console version up to speed or look as the released trailers.

jetlian3736d ago

tell you in about 30 mins

hennessey863736d ago

right now and its easily the best looking 360 game ive seen, they have done an amazing job and as for the control issue hilighted bi ign its bollocks its just not cod like enoughfor them i think. the controlls feel nice and weighted

RBLAZE19883736d ago

That's really good to hear. I knew ign were wrong. They're mostly incompetent when reporting on games. Can't wait to play this game... Hope they put out a demo for ps3 and pc tho i would like to play before crysis 2 releases

hennessey863736d ago

if it looks this good on 360 i cant imagine what it will look like on pc. crytek have done a stunning job with this and its exceeded my ecpectations 10 fold. The only thing I have to decide now is which console to buy it on.

jetlian3736d ago

the textures are all over the place and yea i was using 1080p. Gonna try it at 720 to see if its the upscaling.

Gears 3 looks better overall to me. Also ign was way off on that lag. its actually to fast I had to put my settings on like 10(default 25)

Lighting is also to dark and gamma is to high on default

RBLAZE19883736d ago

I like what i'm hearing. And to jetlian the 360 is natively darker on most games cause of a setting for display that is always on at least low unlesd you use component. Unfortunately i can't pick which platform i can play on so i hope they release a ps3 demo before release

jetlian3736d ago

I am using hdmi and this is the only game that needed changing. i find it depending on where your at on the map is what makes or breaks the lighting and 1080p is better overall

my gamma was off.

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DanteKnightsTemplar3736d ago

Crytek, I know you're pc devs and all but, you do realise this gen is far from over? Unless, you want to give billions to Nintendo,Sony and Microsoft for the economical shitstorms they've gone through. This is why I hate it when devs open their mouth about this sorta stuff. Make great games,thats it. The next gen will come the sec the hardware players in the industry want it to.

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