IW: We are looking to fix MW2 PS3 problems "as quick as possible"

Gamersmint: Infinity Ward Community Management boss, Robert Bowling has assured PS3 gamers that they are looking to fix the problems currently plaguing the PS3 version of the game due to it being hacked.

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deadpoole2824d ago

Yeah I doubt it too. MW2 is really a good game, but my last few attempts to play it online were miserable cuz bein plagued by hackers. Nowdays if I wanna play fps, Im resorted to MAG. and for TPS, Uncharted 2.

xAlmostPro2824d ago

They're still using the recent PS3 exploits as the issue aswell.

Even though the same hacked lobbies were on 360 only a few months after its release and got patched(when 360 is just as un-secure) not only this but the hacks were present before PS jailbreak, they just weren't as widespread.

Annoys me, they'll probably have it fixed by the time the next COD releases, conveniently

HolyOrangeCows2824d ago

"as quick as possible"?

Wow, they're pretty slow, then.

psb2824d ago

I hope they can manage to do that, I still play this a lot and hacks have made my life worse

BiggCMan2824d ago

I don't mean to sound harsh, but thats sad if your life is worse because your having trouble playing a half-assed game. If its that bad, just play another entry, they are all nearly identical anyways.

prongs1232824d ago

as they don't hack Black Ops, I am cool. I stopped playing this a while ago. But, yeah, hope they can fix it so that the ones who do, can play in peace

user8586212824d ago

pftttt just play bad company 2

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The story is too old to be commented.