Top 5 Fitness Video Games that Jack LaLanne would've approved

From "Jack LaLanne, known for his unbelievable feats of strength (listed below) and tireless encouragement of exercise, has died today at the age of 96. Although we'd all like to last that long and look so fit into our 70s, 80s and 90s, we don't want to stop playing video games. LaLanne encouraged America's youth to get up off the couch and put down the controller, but here are some video games we think he'd approve."

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a08andan3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Remove the ps3 from the tags if it says nothing about the ps3 or games on it :P Otherwise, nice article! Would have liked to see some examples of games for the ps3 aswell though :)

SwiderMan3739d ago

EA Sports Active 2 is for all systems, although Kinect support makes it a little more unique. Maybe Active 3 will use Move.

Acquiescence3739d ago

Wait, what am I saying?! I don't wanna live to 96.

poe3739d ago

Jack Lalanne just rolled over in his grave at you using his death for nothing more than hits. Tsk.