Mass Effect 2 on PS3 corrupting saves

According to increasing reports the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 is susceptible to crashing and corrupting your saved game. Now this isn’t entirely new for RPG’s and any good RPG player knows they need multiple saves throughout the game just in case something goes wrong.

But that’s not going to help

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Ognipode3351d ago

I would lose my mind if I lost 8-10 hours in Mass Effect 2 and was expected to start again... no way.

thereapersson3351d ago

Losing your saved game sucks. I accidentally formatted my PS3 HDD once in a complete freak accident, and I lost 3 months worth of Oblivion save data. I don't think I've been able to play the game since. It didn't come out of the case at all last year.


R2D23351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

I know how you feel. I played over 20 Hrs of Fall Out Vegas on my girlfreinds PS3 only to have her reboot her PS3.

TenSteps3351d ago

Insanity Run. Almost had all loyalty then boom my game froze and my save file gone. I took it as a sign to play insanity as a Vanguard.

gamingdroid3351d ago


This is terrible and why would they save all the the saves in ONE file!

Nate-Dog3351d ago

With games like this I go crazy saving, I've had stuff like this happen me before and do my best not to give it a chance.

For example, on my 30 hour save of Mass Effect, I have over 500 saves (not singular, but since it counts it one up for each time you manually save I know) so that says it all. :P

GavinMannion3351d ago

Yeah but could you imagine one power surge taking out all 300 saves... that's the massive problem here

Nate-Dog3351d ago

Oh shit sorry heh, didn't really comment on the article. Yeah that's certainly a bad problem, seems odd that all separate save files are recognised as being in one group / being the same though, especially the way saves on the PS3 work. Hopefully Bioware will get this sorted soon.

Neko_Mega3351d ago

Had that happen and boy does it sux, what made it worst is that I just got done unlocking something that took a week a for each game (Which was three of them).

Just to lose it all, didn't even get to use the item I unlock to.

Jezuz3351d ago

this happened to me on new vegas once. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-

st-BiOZ3351d ago

pshh, glad i didn't buy it.

WobblyOnion3351d ago

If i were to lose hours of gameplay because of something that I didn't even do, I'd just sell the game. There's no fucking way I'd replay anything.

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The story is too old to be commented.