PushSquare: Modern Combat: Domination on PlayStation 3 Review

PushSquare: "Surprisingly, Modern Combat: Domination provides a cheap and cheerful alternative to the traditional array of boxed blockbuster first-person shooters. Despite its originality complex, there's an honesty to Modern Combat that makes it an unexpected treat."

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DoomeDx3731d ago

Actually, having a maximum of 4 in your score, is quite a great idea!!

means the game is either terrible, bad, good, of great!

get2sammyb3731d ago

Thank you! Finally someone gets it. (Though we pitch it as Bad, Alright, Good and Great.)

The thing is, if a game is already "Bad", why do you need the scale to go lower to say it's "Really Bad". Does it matter at that point?

DoomeDx3731d ago

Yeah its a great idea. more sites should do that.
Will stop fanboys from complaining to.
(Dont get me wrong, i love the ps3)
but people we're getting pissed of when Mass Effect 2 got a 9.5 from IGN, while the xbox360 version had a 9.6

DarkFantasy3731d ago

good review,yeah i like the 4 rating scale its simple and to the point the score is about what i thought of the game.I did have a few problems with it but nothing Major if it is able to keep a strong community I might pick it up down the road its cheap enough that's for sure,then again it might get over looked with all of the big shooters coming out this year like crysis and killzone ect.the trial was fun i was just starting to enjoy it when it ended.

M-Easy3731d ago

I love this game. The only thing I don't like is to get to level 72 you need to play for 100 hours. I need to be done with this game by thee time Kizzy 3 comes out.

blakstarz3731d ago

this is really alot of fun....its like a mix of counter-strike and call of duty.....I find more fun with this than Blackhawk: Tango Down, even that is fun too....but I find myself like this much more......definietly a worth purchase a really a steal for only 8 bucks.

stevenhiggster3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I bought the game purely to use my move cause its been gathering dust. I have to say it is wierd, cause its definitely more fun with move but I still feel its a lot more accurate with a dual shock. But hey I got it for £4 odd with ps+ so as a fun time waster it is excellent. Does totally remind me of Counter Strike too which certainly isn't a bad thing.

Myst3731d ago

Definitely don't regret my purchase, just need to find some more time to play it...