Sucking At Halo Isn't Good For Your Heart

Out of sheer curiosity, Reddit user gortag decided to play a six-minute match of Halo while a device tracked his heart rate. The resulting analysis is quite revealing.

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DoomeDx3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

It actually depends on what kind of person.
Athletic people (the minoraty of gamers. no offense), have a totally diffrent heart rate.

Only moment when my heart rate goes a bit faster then usual, is during a clan match on Killzone 2 / Killzone 3.
Holy crap were those games exciting!

insertcoin3736d ago

Just want to get some clarity. Do you mean that athletic people have more stable heart rates or just more resistant to severe changes in heart rates?

DoomeDx3736d ago

Their heart works in a totally diffrent way. more 'stable' and 'calm'
im not an expert on this.

Lets just say that it all depends on the person. some people are exciting easilly, which increases your heart rate.

HappyGaming3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Well my heart rate is normally around 55-60 when relaxed and I am not fit nor skinny.

All I know is that when I have a really crap online gaming session I feel the same way I feel as when I come off of Mephedrone or when I really want a cigarette but can't go out and smoke for some reason.

It feels like someone is squeezing my heart.

Its pathetic I know :(

EYEamNUMBER13736d ago

it feels like i was meant to post this video in this article
i mean its somewhat relevant when you think about it

socomnick3736d ago

The more athletic you are the lower your resting heart rate. That's all just cause we are fit does not mean our hearts act differently.

The-Tentacle3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

If faceless cartoon space marines shooting aliens gets your heart going you are gonna be shocked when you see your first boobs.

Edit @ below: If you remember being breast feds by your mother then you probably will be going through trauma... mental trauma anyway.

insertcoin3736d ago

Every breast-fed baby is going through trauma.

samurailincoln3736d ago

Interesting, but I'm curious as to what kind of shape this guy is in. I think it's time to get some heart monitors and a couple control groups!

Volpone3736d ago

Cool idea. I want to see more of this. Like, with games where you fall into a sort of "trance" (music games and shmups).

Arnagrim3736d ago

I remember how tense I was during my first 32 player Corinth Crossing match in Killzone 2's multiplayer. I think I spent a majority of that match cowering behind a wall because the entire mid field at the bottom level of the map had grenades going off every second and all I could hear was turret bullets and rifle shots. This was early on before anyone had unlocked any of the more advanced classes. God I miss that...

HappyGaming3736d ago

KZ2 was amazing at the start...
Racing to get top 1% on the leaderboards etc
But than I stopped playing and never really got into it again.

Hopefully KZ3 will be even better than that for me the size of the community matters.

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