10 reasons why we won’t be getting a 3DS

Our attitudes towards the 3DS have veered from giddy anticipation to cold indifference. Honest…

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The-Tentacle3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

They are only gonna bring out an improved version 6 months later o_0




3DSiXL Advance

3DSiXL Advance Plus

3DSiXL Advance Plus +

edit:@ wesley lol yeah Cooking mama 3D with free whisk attachment and Nintendogs with a collar and lead for your 3DS.

DoomeDx3736d ago

You forget some lame attachments like the Wii..
Like, a tennis racket which can be attached to the wiimode..which is nothing else but plastic.

We will get 3DS variants now!!

attach a tennis racket on the D-pad!!

qface643736d ago

i can understand the first 2 things on the list specifically the pricing but everything else just seems a little pointless

i mean it doesn't really seem like reasons why YOU yourself wouldn't get the 3DS besides the pricing thing everything else just kinda seems like random things added to fill up the list

Muletroid3736d ago

considering the ds lite came out 2 years after the ds?

this article was actually terrible
they were complaining that the graphics are improved REALLY?

complaining that casual gamers would be moving from away from the device? HUH why would this affect your decision to get one?

and my favorite one of all.... suggesting kinect over this REALLY? LOL

EYEamNUMBER13736d ago

this is from the article this is one of the reasons why they say they wont be getting a 3DS

"Casual folks are moving elsewhere"
i really don't understand how this would affect your decision to NOT get one? are they implying they are casual gamers?
i mean they must be if they are recommending kinect over the 3DS right?

DaveX3603736d ago

No, we mean that if fewer people buy the 3DS (because Apple have gobbled up a share of the market), there'll be less 'buying power' out there to ensure decent 3DS games get made.

firefoxprime3736d ago

This blog is pathetic. Reading all these poor attempts to minimize the success of the 3DS. Tentacle, and two are a pair of imbociles. I can see why you only have 1 bubble. You know very no one is interested in your posts, so youb scurry over to be the first one.

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to make a portable system that when you travel you cant buy games from another country totally destroys the whole point of a portable game system.......and for that reason i wont be buying one

nintendo 3DS=fail

DoomeDx3736d ago

Maybe they will release a usefull attachment this time around!
1 pedal which can me attached to the baterry. Put your hand on the pedal, and make it spin extremely quick, to generate power for the 3DS!

Or replace the pedal with an hamster-wheel and let your hamster do the work!

Jio3736d ago

Give me 10 reasons why I should care what this article says

ozstar3736d ago

Because its attracting a high percentage of trolls in this comment section.

The article must be absolutely god awful in order to attract this type of readership(wait, i am also here).

AWBrawler3736d ago

the hate is undying lol