New DLC quests screens for White Knight Chronicles 2

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has revealed several new screenshots for two upcoming quests for the Playstation 3 exclusive RPG, White Knight Chronicles 2.

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remanutd553730d ago

when is the game coming to the west ? i want to play it ASAP

DaThreats3730d ago

If WKC 2 comes to Japan, it better come with this DLC in the disk. This aint the Xbox 360, everything should fit on one disk.

slinky1234563730d ago

I really hope this comes this year, i dont see how this could take over 2 years just for translation when they made half the game in that time.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3730d ago

wait wait wait wait wait wait

This game is OUT???? Did they say anything about a U.S release?

WildArmed3729d ago

its been out since June/july of last year in japan...
probably going to take a year or two to localize for a western release