Killzone 3 Hands On

Among the most anticipated titles of 2011 check this, now just around the corner, one of the most exclusive Playstation 3 name: Killzone. After a debut in the Next Gen sometimes exciting but still not perfect team Guerrilla try once again to outdo and impress audiences and critics with the third incarnation of his brand of war.

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49erguy2848d ago

This is why I hate reading translated articles, I can tell the last line was the sendoff telling us to prepare for the EPICNESS that is Killzone 3, but something was lost in translation lol.

buffig2848d ago

I sure am can going to get buy this my game on the one day when in the shopping centre I will view it!...or something

beavis4play2848d ago

i will also see game to purchase when game releases to reality. LOL

SirRunic2848d ago

English mother f..ker, do you speak it?