Rumor: Modern Warfare 3 Out 11/11/11?

Botchweed: "I keep my ear pressed to the internet at all times (I get killer neck cramps) and have been hearing whispers of a possible release date for Modern Warfare 3."

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TabbyBW3736d ago

I think that date is almost certainly a given.

Tachyon_Nova3736d ago

It's definitely not the release date and I'll tell you why. Every CoD since MW at least has had a worldwide release on a tuesday, and the 11th is a Friday.

I'd put my money on the 8th of November as this is a Tuesday!

jbiz3203736d ago

11/11/11 may be the UK date..

TreMillz3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

eh..i don't see CoD releasing so early I'd say a US date of 11/15/11. Don't they usually release around then? Also if anything is releasing close to Uncharted 3, its gonna have to wait, unless i have the cash for it.

gaffyh3736d ago

11/11/11 makes sense, just for the fact that it's 11/11/11 (sounds good). I guess it could come out on the 1st November 2011 like Uncharted 3.

US games usually release on Tuesdays, but it wouldn't make a huge difference if it released on a Friday. MW3 still hasn't been confirmed though, and I'm sure Activision stated that MW3 wouldn't be coming this year.

vsr3736d ago

So many good games on PS3 in 2011 including COD:MW3 .
It's the only console worth for playing exclusives & multi-plats.

No need for any other consoles

Tachyon_Nova3736d ago

@ tremillz - black ops released on the 9th of november last year

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JsonHenry3736d ago

11/11/11 is reserved for Skyrim only for me. :)

tablav3736d ago

I'm dubious about an 11/11/11 release date for this reason. If Skyrim is coming out on the same day, MW3 is going to be put against one of the most anticipated games of the year.

That's just bad marketing.

Statix3736d ago

No way in hell I'm picking up Modern Rehash 3 when Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim comes out on November 11.

Oldsnake0073736d ago

the problem is alot of people will easily pick Modern Rehash over ES5. Certainly not me.

Motorola3736d ago

Skyrim and Uncharted in the same month? MW3 should lose. It doesnt deserve the sales

joshb13736d ago

Have a feeling it will be crap due to the staff situation, but i'll still buy it...

EddyD3736d ago

The age old words that keeps COD in power over better shooters :(

Downtown boogey3736d ago

Joshb1 isn't kidding????
Why are you agreeing people!!???

SuperStrokey11233736d ago

Wait, you think it will be crap but you are still buying it? WTF is wrong with you?

I wont be getting it most likely, even if its awesome. Too many awesome single player games out right now and more to come. Plus if im not mistaken UC3 comes that day as well.

Does anyone else find it kind of disrespectful that on remembrance day a game like COD is being released? Like couldnt they pick just one day different?

StanSmith3736d ago

Exactly my thoughts. If they release this on remembrance day then activision really are disrespectful shits.

Kran3736d ago

At the same time as Skyrim? Ouch.

theonlylolking3736d ago

Some many number ones I CANT TAKE IT!

Kran3736d ago

Don't worry. You had 1 agree. I changed it to a 2 for yew :D

Baka-akaB3736d ago

Nope .
Different crowd and market for a now established franchise .

That's like pretending Cod ever harmed Assassin Creed . Doesnt work that way , especially with Assassin Creed as the best selling new ip on PS3/360/PC so far .

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