GameTrailers: Dead Space 2 Video Review

GT: "Are you ready for another journey into the hell of outer space? Join us as we chronicle the plight of Isaac Clarke's second disastrous encounter with the Necromorhs."

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Seijoru3739d ago

I feel like this and the Assassin's Creed franchise is overrated. If they were exclusives I'm sure they would be held to much higher standards. I have Dead Space 2 on PC and so far I don't see how its getting 9s and 10s. Its a solid game but nothing too amazing, I'm predicting an 8 for this by the time I'm done.

Dr-Zoidberg3739d ago

One of the few games I played 4 times I liked it that much.

Quagmire3739d ago

So...youre saying that Multiplats arent worthy of high standards to that of exclusives?


Ontopic: Im annoyed that EA is pushing Online Pass in so many games, but its a good thing that I dont play MP games, and that the online part of DS2 is more of a bonus rather than taking away from SP. Also glad that there's no MP trophies, i wont be using my Online Pass, meaning I can resell it for a better price.

Seijoru3739d ago

I'm saying exclusives are more heavily criticized for really stupid things that aren't even bothered with in Multiplatform reviews.

JAMurida3739d ago

Key words in that entire review:

"A co-op campaign would of better suited the franchise."

Thank you Gametrailers for having the balls to say that. Maybe now will developers get their heads out of their ass and LISTEN for once.

andron3739d ago

I don't see how that would fit the game. It's mostly Isaccs story it seems, so co-op how would co-op work?

user8586213739d ago

co-op would make the game less scary, which would therefore make dead space suck, not every game needs co-op!

KyRo3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

No but I think when you finish the main game on single player, maybe a co-op mode should be unlocked. RE5 should of done that too as a lot of people just whizzed through it with a mate who had already had unlimited ammo in guns etc and took alot of the fear away, not that there was much in RE5 but I'm sure it took a lot of the suspense out of wondering what was coming next.

Quagmire3739d ago

I dont think they said Co-op campaign, but rather Co-op multiplayer challenges, separate from the story. Making Dead Space a co-op game is counter-intuitive.

But yea, Co-op specific challenges is what this game needs, the team deathmatch is somewhat shoehorned, and i was underwhelmed with it from the Beta.

user8586213739d ago

Capcom take note THIS! is what resident evil 5 should have been

CherryLu-Chan3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

I'm a huge Dead Space fan and am biting on my knuckles for Friday's release.

But what I don't understand is - why the PS3 version isn't getting a higher rating than the 360.

The main shortcoming of the reviews seem to be the multiplayer, but if you're getting the excellent Dead Space Extraction at no extra cost, then why doesn't that factor into the final score?

I'm playing through Extraction of Wii at the moment and genuinely adoring it. The game rated highly of it's own accord when first released, so surely that as a bolt on adds value to that version.

Also, if the 360 version does come on multiple discs, does that factor into any degree of hassle, or is it purely a straight swap?

Not wishing to ignite a flame war [I have all 3 systems and, frankly, it's all about the games] - but if one version of the title packs in more value for the same price, then surely that's worthy of mention?

I'm still miffed about the lack of the cutter prop in the UK collectors edition though. :/

Also.. does anyone know if the Unitology is purely a code for the collectors editions, or can it be unlocked when finishing a version of the game, ala the original?

visualb3739d ago


sometimes PS3 only reviewers will rate the game lower than Xbox 360 only reviewers.

its just that =)
as for IGN?

ignore them ;)