PS3 Tiger Woods Move kinks smoothed

Eurogamer: Playing this year's Tiger Woods game with the PlayStation Move controller will be much better than it was with last year's game, EA's promised.

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Dramscus3735d ago

I'll be buying it. John Daily's pro golf is pretty sick with it though implemented poorly. The controls are very good though. Handles smooth. Feels like golf. Just doesn't look proper on the screen how they did it. Top down doesn't work for move.

thereapersson3735d ago

Last year's version definitely didn't match 1:1 with what you were doing. There was about a half-second lag between your swing and the swing animation. It was distracting; the game fell just short of complete immersion.

WhiteNoise3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Getting caught cheating always lessens the 'kinks'.

Octo13735d ago

I see what you did there.

btk3735d ago

Day one buy for me. The demo on the Move disk was not bad - but was clearly an afterthought. Move is getting a lot of good support from devs.