Dead Space 2 HD Video Review (GamingBolt)

GamingBolt: "Dead Space 2 is one of those games that have literally made me jump off my seat and turn the television set off since I was not able to take it anymore. That is the level of scares and chills one can expect in the sequel to the 2008 classic, Dead Space. Issac Clarke is back after his horrendous adventures on the Ishimura and finds himself in a hospital aboard a space ship called the Sprawl, suffering from Dementia, a mental illness caused by the Marker. Throughout the game Isaac is haunted by some strange visions about some terrifying memories of his girlfriend from the first game, and a Necromorph whose resemblance to her is uncanny. This results in an engaging plot with Issac not only fighting against the Necromorphs, but also his past and a government agency who wishes to control the Marker."

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cyborg3731d ago

nice, great review. I am loving the game.

gameseveryday3731d ago

same here, as the author of this review. I would recommend this to anyone who has a ps3 or an xbox 360.

Karooo3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

awesome video review, cant wait to finish another playthrough

psb3731d ago

I just got it and I sure am gonna be spooked playing it.

ArcFatalix3731d ago

How are the boss fights? I see you gave it as a negative.

gameseveryday3731d ago

There are actually some fights with some mid sized necromorphs, but they cant be termed as a boss fight since they dont require any strategy to kill them. You have to just aim for their yellow spots and you should be good. What is disappointing is the original had some boss fights in them, the sequel does not even reaches that number.

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