New Age of Empires: Online Details Emerge, pricing model revealed

Microsoft has announced new features regarding their upcoming MMORTS, Age of Empires: Online.

Speaking to Strategy Informer, Robot Entertainment's Danan Davis confirmed a new launch faction - the Egyptians - as well as details regarding the game's pricing model.

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WhiteNoise3730d ago

lol M.S fail again.

I played AOE for years and not once did I even consider playing online. I don't even know of anyone who played AOE online.

F*** this online gaming obsession pisses me off.

Burning_Finger3730d ago

Everything went downhill when Ensemble Studios shuts down. FU Microsoft.

Lucreto3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I love AoE but I won't get this. Single player is fun and adding cheats like the race car is fun.

So no single player no buy.

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