Sony PSP2: Price Fears after PS3 Performance Spec?

Product-Reviews writes: If the system can indeed manage to churn out games of PS3 quality, then Sony are obviously going to command a very high price for it – so don’t be surprised if the PSP 2 ends up more expensive than the current price for a PS3 console – $299.99 at least.

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HelghastDrake3735d ago

Who cares! Im glad Sony doesnt cater to the typical soccer mom casual gamer type crowd. Im glad they always deliver to their core, tech savvy early adopting crowd.

if not for Sony we would still be playing on a console that claims to be next gen but still uses DVD format and charges to just simply play online games (not going to mention any names)

If sony prices this at $300 or even $350, i say bring it on! Ill get it on day 1. Just like when i bought the PS3 at midnight for $600.00 and just like how i paid $500.00 for the original iphone in 07, and i dont regret either purchase whatsoever.

tr00p3r3735d ago

I tend to agree with you, but not everyone has got that sort of cash to throw around. I think Sony will price it at like $399 though - I'd still pay it. Let's see..


3ds will be cheaper and nintendo are veterans at handheld gaming,3D is the big buzz word at the moment,people are content to game on their capable need to learn from the pricing of the ps3 and pspgo

pricing no matter how good the system is two steps back one foot forward before you even start.

marketing and pricing sony need to learn this and i hope they have by now,well see when they release the RRP

NewMonday3735d ago

I just need it to have good browser (Chrome?), Email viewer, Flash, and a large enough screen for a reading and it will replace my IPad.

shoddy3734d ago

and can do anything the ipad does
then day 1 for me for $299.

mobile super entertainment system of the future.
I want to see a leap forward.

ThanatosDMC3734d ago

Quality is worth the $$$... i'm more interested in the launch games than anything since Sony always delivers with their consoles.

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SMOK3xFFx3735d ago

"claims to be next gen but still uses DVD format"

So I guess, PC is still last gen?

"charges to just simply play online games"

This makes a console last gen?

OT: We'll see if Sony learned there lesson.

NewMonday3735d ago

The PC is not a standard format, some are last gen, and some are the most powerful

Jezuz3734d ago

lol, $599 US DOLLARS!!!!

dragonyght3734d ago

@SMOK3xFFx lol didn't know the pc was a console

pain777pas3734d ago

Many PCs have bluray drives. And you can install them yourself.

SMOK3xFFx3734d ago


Who said it was? All I said is it is still the most advanced way to play games and what does it use as it's media for games? That's right DVD.


And all they get used for is watching movies, because DVD is the standard media for games.

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sinncross3735d ago

I highly doubt this will be anywhere in the range of the PS3. Between PS2 and PS3, sure, but PS3? not likely.

ChristianGamer3735d ago

Yeah...that worked out great for psp go didn't it?

danswayuk3735d ago

Is price a valid point after these new specs? Money is tight for some of us.

Peppino73734d ago

If they haven't learned from the ps3 launch, pricing can trump brand loyalty sometimes. However, the rumored specs appear to justify the price tag, so SONY will have a tough decision to make. Lose more money per unit but get them into more hands OR charge more and have a slower adoption rate. I hope it doesn't go past 299, tops 349. And this is coming from someone who can afford it. Less fortunate people will be hurting at that steep a price. Getting them into kids' hands is very important.

Nicaragua3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I dont think pricing is that much of an issue - apple shows this every time they launch a new product. If a product is good enough then it will sell.

The problem wih the PS3 is that it simply wasnt desirable at launch. It had a pretty shitty collection of games available at launch and not much to validate Sony's claims of it being uber powerful - hence it wasnt desirable. (note past tense)

If the PSP2 launches with ipad like internet & multimedia features, PS3 quality gaming, and a stellar games lineup then im sold.

Peppino73734d ago

@nicaragua - you're right but apple also is being primarily bought buy adults who can afford it. Some people just buy blindly, even with only few improvements. We've been waiting about 6 years for this so you would think the psp2 would sell real well. Sometimes you can't compare certain products to others,even if they happened to both be expensive. They are serving different purposes.

bunfighterii3734d ago

Yeah I like that they cater to the core crowd with the cutting edge stuff, but over-pricing is an issue.

Tapioca Cold3734d ago

HelghastDrake, I completely agree with you. Everyone wanted the best this generation; spouting 1080p, blu-ray, hdmi, optical out, built-in wi-fi, batteryless controllers,free online, region free games, etc.

Sony gave it to all of us and then everyone complains about the price.

the 360 was outdated at launch.

If you want to walk with the big dogs, you got to learn to piss in the tall grass too.

PSP2 will be worth the price, but can you chumps pay?

HolyOrangeCows3734d ago

STOP taking random rumors from nameless sites seriously! The PSP2 being as powerful as the PS3 was started by a small, nameless site looking for its first hit in weeks.

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golsilva3735d ago

well lets see how much of a hit sony can take if it offers the psp2 at a more affordable price even if it means selling it at a loss. this was the same strategy with the ps3, and the reason why that was very expensive was blu ray. most reports of the psp2 say that it will most likely use the conventional flash stored media so the price might not be as bad as we think.

lets say the psp2 cost around 400 to make, then they should sell it at 300 and try to make up for the costs with software revenue. plus sony has taken a bigger hit with ps3 so we do know that this is possible.

the price is probably the biggest barrier between beating the 3ds or not and if they stay within $50 of the 3ds, they can easily advertise how many more features it has that makes that difference

tubers3734d ago


Playstation 3 Portable.

If they ain't too careful, it'll eat some chunk of 360 and ps3 customers depending on what the PSP2 really does.

..Most likely "un-dumbed down -core" gaming on the go.

Rashonality3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

the only thing i fear is development time and budget for games if the psp2 is as powerful as a ps3

cuz they already hesitate to develop games on consoles let alone a handheld
no one will throw that much money and time on a handheld game

NO ONE I TELLS YA *except Sony of course*

sjaakiejj3734d ago

Wouldn't worry about that, it's a portable platform so games don't have to be as long. Additionally, expect a lot of Ps3 ports on the PSP2.

As for the price, I feel it's rather unlikely it'll be more then the ps3. The Blu-Ray drive is still holding the Ps3 back, so unless PSP2 has one of those, which I don't believe it will, I think price-wise it'll be the same as Nintendo 3DS. I believe Sony learnt a lot of pricepoints this generation, and I don't think they'll just throw that out of the window for PSP2.

BrianC62343734d ago

More worrying about nothing. I can't believe people write things like this. At least wait for Sony to announce the price before attacking them for it being too expensive.

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