Namco possibly confirms Tales of Graces F for US

After numerous cries from the fans, Namco seems to have finally listened.

Namco Bandai Games' community manager, Rich Bantegui, posted a glyph puzzle. He promised that when it was solved, it would be exciting.

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FrigidDARKNESS3731d ago

I will wait for an official announcement all this is speculation.

disturbing_flame3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

So true.

Now NAMCO must believe in the market and the consumers.
They need to adapt their politic of game development to the needs of the fans of the firm.
---> Develop simultaneously an international version of their games. No need to have voice acting in english but just traduction subtitled. This development must be done during the making process of the game.
---> VOST must become a standard, this way gamers don't have to wonder if they can play the game or not, they just wait for the release to command their games on the internet.
---> The version of the game must not be zoned to a market, it must be playable all around the world.
---> Japanese market must embrace the international market, in terms of distribution, all games that will be released, free zone and translated must be accessible to all consumers on internet. In Europe, people import their games from USA or Canada, they also use asian sites to import games from Japan, but only few of them are subtitled, but it's clearly the ones that are subtitled that are interesting, example : IF DEMON SOUL sold so well on PS3 it's because of the asian version of the game with subtitles, we know the story DEMON SOUL sold pretty well outside of Japan.
NAMCO needs to securise an internet shop to export their games outside of the country.

They need to believe that japanese games can also be awaited outside of Japan.
They must also believe in the older developers that made Japanese games Famous and give them a chance to produce again video games.

These are some words that i think i share with other people, hope the words will be spread, and hope we will see again KONAMI, NAMCO, TAITO, Nippon Ichi, SNK PLAYMORE, CAPCOM,KOEI, SEGA and many others use subtitles in the dev of their games and make games for gamers and not only for the occidental market, we need good japonese games, we need japanese dev to make an effort or they gonna die on the global scene or just make random copied games to fit the market.

Ps_alm3k3731d ago

it is not hard to do subtittles.
sell it as it is and ill import right away!

Cloudberry3731d ago

I hope it's true!!!

Here are the images.

Tales Of Graces F official logo:

The "blurred image" site:


And the aftermath (?):

vsr3730d ago

All PS3 tales game on one disk FTW!!!!!!

Mahr3731d ago

Come on, Bamco. Do the right thing.

knifefight3731d ago

The author's pic hahahahaha

Baka-akaB3731d ago

I wanna slap the guy that had the brillant idea of the puzzle .

When facing an angry mob tired of your antics when it comes to translated Tales Of games ... dont f*cking tease with a crappy puzzle and just make your damn announcement .

Neckbear3731d ago

But it's fun.

No, really, it is. I bet the guy must be enjoying this a whole lot.

fucadastates3731d ago

AWSOME! let this be true!

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The story is too old to be commented.