Gamersmint Review: Dead Space 2 – Survival-Horror Done Right

Gamersmint writes: Isaac is back and off that ill-fated ship Ishimura where he had to witness many things that would have made a sane person go insane. The guilt of his love dying still accompanies him and plays a major part in Dead Space 2.

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psb3731d ago

damn, this is game shit scary.

KeezNah3731d ago

Is the multiplayer good enough to play afterwards?

cyborg3731d ago

it's difficult to comment on that, we'll know after the lobbies are full. But it isn't really something which you can stick around for long going by the looks of it.

prongs1233731d ago

This is way better than the first one and that's saying a lot. However, some of the scares are too much, I couldn't continue playing it last night. Must play during daytime and no I am not a wuss.

gameseveryday3731d ago

Dead Space 2 has done it again, damn EA has started the year with a bang.

ugabugaz3731d ago

This game is just one of those few fine pleasures in single player gaming. Well done!

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