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For the past decade, no other game truly defined the survival-horror genre until Dead Space was released back in 2008. When Dead Space was released on the PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360, a lot of gamers were proud that the survival-horror genre made a resounding comeback. Resident Evil 4 and 5 were good games but were more action-orientated compared to this game.

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jbl3162849d ago

I should get off my butt and play the first one lol. This franchise sounds good by the sounds of things.

admiralvic2849d ago

The first one was a very solid title and quite fun.

Sigh2849d ago

yeah. Luckily over the summer I found Dead Space 1 in the clearance bin at Walmart, had a blast playing it during the summer break. I suggest you pick it up :D

2849d ago
MightyMark4272849d ago

picking this game up first thing tomorrow~!