EA’s “Your Mom Hates This” Marketing Campaign Raises Questions

Matt Randisi writes, "Subliminal advertising is commonly understood as a hidden message present within a product pitch, yet overshadowed enough by the attention paid to the actual product in question to making the “hidden” message appear insignificant. The typical result of a successful plant is for the target audience to unconsciously develop some a favorable concept association with the item being sold to them. One example could be the Miller Lite commercials on the air nowadays that associate drinking Miller Lite with being the prototypical idea of manly. Such commercials include where one man is chided for a lower back tattoo, and is presumed to not be worthy to drink Miller Lite because of it; or another one where a man is made fun of for wearing skinny jeans. The aim of these commercials is to convince men that drinking Miller Lite will help them appear more “manly”."

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3730d ago

They've been know for their controversial ad campaigns. We all still remember the Christian petitioners.

It can be said that they're suggesting to kids not to listen to their mothers. But it could also be said they are telling parents not to get it for their kids. After all, if they still lived with their parents they're prolly below the legal age to buy it themselves anyway.

I still think the ad campaign is stupid though.

Daver3730d ago

I love these kinds of marketing campaigns not because it makes people react but just to see something different

Soldierone3730d ago

Its a marketing technique to say "eff you" to all the "parents" that hate violent video games. Teens are not the only target, but any gamer that has stood up for rights in video games. Its a big concern and EA is saying to teens that are not mature enough yet that "hey your mom hates this game" but to the ones that do understand it they are saying "yeah we dont give a damn about violence being in video games."

Its supposed to be comical too. It has many underlaying themes and isnt targeted to teenagers. Only the upfront theme that the average joe thinks about is .

Cade3730d ago

Kids will always get their hands on whatever game they want nowadays, half of them will even have their mother or father get it for them. Def agree that this kind of marketing tactic was not necessary though.

SuperLupe3730d ago

I'm 21 so officially not a teen anymore and my mom has never showed even one second of interest in video games since I've been gaming but still think this ad campaign is hot.

Black102WingS3730d ago

Money has no age, EA's mentality i'm afraid.

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The story is too old to be commented.